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Ashways Cattery

  Breeder of Oriental, Siamese, and Tonkinese Cats



Enid Ashley

Ph 031 465 2625

e-mail enid@ashways.co.za


I am a registered breeder of 55 years standing. I breed Siamese, Tonkinese and Orientals, situated in Durban, South Africa. 

I am a member of The S A Cat Council, and the World Cat Federation, as well as the Natal Siamese/Oriental Support Group, which aims to promote cats in general, including non-pedigreed cats, by sharing knowledge and friendship amongst cat-owners and breeders.




Dark coloured tonkinese cat with wedge face

4 Siamese kittens in a basket

Snowshoe white oriental kitten

 One of our Tonkinese cats

Some sweet Siamese kittens.

A bicolour oriental kitten. The colour is called snowshoe as it has white socks. (Siamese don't have white feet)

Seal mink Tonkinese kitten curled up on cushion

Sweet face of kitten

Sweet oriental kitten

 A seal mink Tonkinese kitten

 A blue point kitten

Oriental kitten


Siamese kittens with mummy cat

A black, and a blue oriental kitten



Black & blue oriental kittens


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