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Ironel Lötter

044-9561011 or 0845168317

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It was a cover photo on the “Dog Directory” that drew my attention to these beautiful puppy-face dogs. I decided to get one, and what a pleasure it has been to have them around. Although they like their food very much, they also like to play with other dogs. “Please!!!! we never like to be alone. People or animals, we like them all.”
They are very playful and most intelligent dogs, but can be a bit naughty. They like to take a close look at things and are very good guard dogs.


Baie maklik om hulle skoon en netjies te hou.
Kom baie goed reg met kinders.
1. Child Friendly
2. Like other dogs
3. Needs daily walk
4. Little bit of grooming required



Our dogs


The legal stuff

I register my puppies with KUSA and give a registration certificate to the buyer. Puppies are microchipped. No breeding restriction.

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