Avantgarde Kennels

Breeder of West Highland White Terriers


Ironel Lötter

044-9561011 or 0845168317,

email  ironel@vodamail.co.za 



Myself, Ironel, with three puppies



A real little TERRIER. Those wide awake eyes miss nothing. These dogs love people and will demand attention should you forget about it. Very tidy dogs with an easy coat to manage. They do not shed hair.
The only reason that anybody could give as to why not a Westie, is that he cannot jump up on a bakkie (perhaps he can)
Really, enough dog for any purpose from a guard dog to a lap dog!


Good guard dog , child friendly, comfortable with other pets, needs average grooming, coat non allergic.



Our dogs and puppies



The legal stuff

I register my puppies with KUSA and give a registration certificate to the buyer. Puppies are microchipped. Breeding restrictions.


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