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Dogs - Basenji

Some say the Basenji originated in Central Africa, others say Egypt. They certainly originated on the African continent. They were bred for hunting, and are still used for hunting in Africa today.

Basenjis don't bark but make a more melodious sound, and they can howl. But a contented dog will not howl. 

A Basenji has a short coat which the dog himself keeps clean. He has tightly curled tail, ears pricked up, and a wrinkled brow. The tail uncurls at times.

The Basenji bitch usually only mates once a year or less, so they are a scarce breed in South Africa. 

Hounds often take a little determination to train, so start when the dog is young. They can make good pets and good watchdogs.


The officially allowed Basenji colours are Red and White, Tri Colour (Black & White with some brown on face and legs), Black and White, Brindle (black 'stripes' on red)

Height: Males 43 cms at the shoulder, Females 40 cms.

Class: Hound

Curious basenji puppy

Ch Zahleke Watch your Step at Marikate (imported from Sweden). He is about a year old in the photo. He is tricoloured.

Basenji puppy bred by Kris Steyn



Basenjis sing rather than bark. They can express themselves vocally. Humans have a different sound to a dog, but if we can't sing, we can still honour God. "Let us come before His presence with thanksgiving, and make a joyful noise unto Him with songs." Psalm 95, 2.


Basenji wearing a harness.

Basenji front view

Kitokombwa Becca, aka Blitzie, is owned by A. Pretorius, South Africa. Blitzie is a fast runner!


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