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Bassefied - Breeders of 

Spinone Italiano



Herman Groenewald

Cell: 083 234 0241 

email: blue.groenewald@yahoo.com



Annemari Groenewald

072 249 6963 

email: annemari_korf@yahoo.com

A cute young spinoni.

General information

Although our first love is Basset Hounds, in 2015 we were introduced to the amazing Spinone Italiano breed! So different to the bassets, they are pleasers, dedicated to keeping their owners happy. They are loyal, friendly, alert and intelligent dogs. They have an easy going nature, are docile, affectionate and patient. These traits make them great family dogs and companions for children. As a hunt, point and retrieve breed, they are one of the most versatile (and one of the oldest) dog breeds. Making perfect family pets and companions, assistance dogs, keen hunters and great show dogs, a spinone will fit in with most people. They are the largest of the gundog breeds, bigger than Labrador retrievers for example, but with a lower activity and naughtiness level. Males are 60 - 70 cm at withers and weigh 34 - 39 kg. Females are 58 - 65 cm at withers and weigh 28 - 30 kg.

Basic care

Hand stripping of the coat (no clipping or cutting) is needed at least 3 times a year, with weekly brushing and occasional baths. They have low to medium activity levels so daily walks and play is sufficient exercise.

Common health issues include hip dysplasia and cerebral ataxia, for which our spinone have been health tested. Umberto and Lucia are both PRA clear, CA normal and have hip scores of A2/A2. Umberto has elbow scores of 0/0 and Lucia's are 0/1.


Our spinone


A spinoni puppy

A spinoni retrieving a bird from the water.


Bassefied Gelato Fior di Latte is our girl we kept from Lucia and Umberto's litter. A keen hunter like her mother, but with a bit more finesse, this little lady will make heads turn in the show ring too.

We have also imported semen from the Stannamore kennel in Holland and look forward to these matings in the near future!


Herman and our male spinoni in the veld

A male spinoni


Our male spinoni likes Herman's hat!


Our boy is Grand Champion Kirsuda Sorella Umberto of Bassefied (aka Umberto), bred by Sue Impey of the Kirsuda Kennel in South Africa. He has achieved several awards in the show ring (including KUSA National Spinone Italiano 2018) and participates in field hunting trials, with KUSA Natural Ability certification.



Spinoni in the grassland

Annemari with a spinoni in the show ring

A spinone has an appealing face

 A spinoni face

Champion Stannamore Antolyza Eliza of Bassefied (aka Lucia) is imported from the world renowned Stannamore kennel in Holland, bred by Annette Wijnsouw. She is the first Spinone in South Africa to complete the SAVHDA Junior Versatile Hunting Test. She also has a KUSA Natural Ability certificate. She loves to work, but also shines in the show rings, with several awards and placements under local and international judges.


Puppies and registration

Our puppies will be dewormed regularly, will receive all inoculations required until they leave for their new homes, are micro-chipped and receive vet check-ups and a vet booklet. Puppies are registered with KUSA (Kennel Union of Southern Africa) under the KUSA registered affix of Bassefied. Breeding restrictions are placed on all our puppies, but these can be discussed and lifted in certain selected cases. We prefer pet puppies to be spayed/neutered and undertake to assist new owners with these costs. We ask all new owners to sign an agreement of purchase. The breed required health checks and tests will be done on our adults before a mating is done.

For any further information, more pictures, bookings or to come and meet the family, please contact us.

Ons antwoord graag enige vrae, so kontak ons gerus!

 more about spinone


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