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The Beagle is a scent hound. They are thought to have become a distinct breed in England in the days of Henry VII, though they may have originated in France or Greece. Over the years, the dogs have been favoured by other royalty: Queen Elizabeth I, King James I, King George IV, and Prince Albert. 

Beagle puppies for sale

Collage of tricolour beagle puppies

Lovely healthy quality Beagle puppies for sale. Puppies will be Kusa registered. No contract, no breeding restrictions. Pups will be available from last week of November. Puppies will be lovingly habituated and socialised before leaving for approved new owners. A Microchip will be implanted in every puppy before it goes to its new home and they will be dewormed and vaccinated. Full vet's card /report will be handed over to new owner together with Back Home proof of Microchip/change of ownership. Phone or Whatsapp: Mariaan Geyer 0845928474 for more recent photos and Copies of Kusa registered Dam and sire.   Posted 05.11.19

More puppies for sale

Breeder holding two sweet beagle puppies

Beagle babies for sale: Our tricolor litter of 5 was born on 19 September and we have ONE FEMALE (right) and ONE MALE (left) available. They will be ready to go to their new homes by 15 November. We are based in Kloof, Durban, South Africa, but flights can be arranged at a reasonable cost to all major airports. The pups were dewormed at 3 weeks and will receive their second deworming, vaccinations and have microchip implanted at 6 weeks. KUSA certificates will be sent to new owners once registration is complete. The cost of a puppy is R6000 with a deposit of R1000. More info on our Webpage  Xanis.   Contact Angelique Bezuidenhout 0829401145 or Eugene  0799427857.
Email:  angelique.bezuidenhout76@gmail.com    Posted 22.10.19

More beagle puppies for sale

A breeder holding an armful of beagle puppies

Beautiful Beagle puppies available from a show kennel to approved homes. Puppies are from English lines and the father is a SA Champion. Puppies will be Kusa registered, dewormed, inoculated, vetchecked and will have a microchip implanted. There is a vetting process and a contract to be signed. Breeding restrictions will apply. Parents are MLS, NCCD clear. Delivery to Gauteng available and I can fly a puppy to any major airport. You can contact me on 0723377237 via WhatsApp or call, or email,  kaperjolle@gmail.com    Posted 18.10.19

A champion beagle. A good example of the breed

"Pinoak Vini Vidi Vici of Kaperjolle"
English type Beagle. A South African Champion

More puppies

Beagle breeder with 2 puppies

Beagle Pups available. Christiana. Inoculated. KUSA registration certificate will be posted. No breeding restrictions or contract. Microchip already implanted. Can deliver to Gauteng area. R5000 male and female puppies available. Contact Chris Prinsloo 0825724403, chrismprinsloo@gmail.com    Posted 05.10.19

a cute beagle puppy


 More Beagle breeders, who may have puppies


Johan Joubert, 060 988 3628, 0823773013, email: johan.joubert885@gmail.com. Webpage: Joelain

Ironel Lotter  044-9561011 or 0845168317 ironel@vodamail.co.za , Webpage  Avantgarde

Anette van Veenhuyzen 082 338 2848 Email: anette.vanveenhuyzen@up.ac.za Webpage: Studvet

Angelique Bezuidenhout  0829401145  E-mail: angelique.bezuidenhout76@gmail.com   Webpage  Xanis  

Ronel Boshoff 012 544 0960, 082 954 5222 email ronel@jarocas.co.za, Webpage Jarocas  

Anneliese Carstens Sel 0829014044, Tel 023 616 3129, Email marankis@lando.co.za, Website www.gelukshoop-kennels.co.za

Rhelda Cronje, tel. home: 0716572418, cell 0795174889e-mail:  philip@windfield.co.za   Webpage:    Hampstead


Just to let you know that I sold all my puppies.  I prayed a lot that he would get a safe, loving home, and God answered. Thank you for your help. I wish you lots of blessings.  Marietjie Reinhardt

Your beagle puppies ad could go here!    Send an email to enquire

2 beagles resting in the shade

About Beagles

Beagles were bred for hunting hare in packs, with the huntsmen following on foot.

Nowadays Beagles are sometimes used to hunt fox with the hunters on horseback. They have an excellent sense of smell and if they get out the gate, will follow the scent of a dog, cat or other animal. A fence is required. Beagle puppies can get out of a hole in the fence, so do check the fence before getting a puppy. 

Being a lively, energetic dog, they like a big yard and lots of exercise. Hounds can howl loudly, which can annoy neighbours if the houses are close. They are pack animals and like company - either of other dogs, or people.

The earliest record of a dog resembling a beagle occurs in the papers of King Henry VIII of England. 

Early development of breeds of dogs. 

Being a pack animal, the Beagle likes the company of other dogs, and people. They will bark loudly at intruders but their temperament is friendly. They like exercise and long walks. A puppy needs consistent training as the adult dog can be strong-willed.  

Beagles have been known to develop eye problems, hypothyroidism, and epilepsy, but of course not every Beagle is affected. Most beagles are healthy, happy, friendly dogs.

The Beagle's short coat needs no grooming, but all dogs benefit from regular brushing. All-white beagles were kept by Prince Albert. The adult dog grows to a height of 33 - 40 cm.

Class: hound.

Colour: the most common is tricolour - brown, black and white, but many beagles are bicolour (2 colours) - eg red and white, tan & white, black & white, lemon & white. ("Lemon" is a pale beige colour.) hare pied, lemon pied, all white, or mottled. Liver and other colours are not allowed.

Height at shoulder: 33 - 40 cms minimum.

Beagles are pack animals who love to hunt together. When one dog sees a rabbit, he rushes after it, barking excitedly to encourage the pack to follow. We are pack animals too! That's why folk like to go to church and meet other people. "Let's not stop gathering together (as some do) but let's encourage one another!"  Hebrews chapter 10 verse 25


Beagle puppies

 cute tricoloured beagle puppy



A lemon and white beagle puppy

Lemon and white


A dog that is very similar to a Beagle is the Basset Hound.  Basset Hounds have similar colouring to a Beagle. They are bigger with shorter legs and longer, floppy ears. Like the Beagle, the Basset Hound is a scent hound. The two breeds were interbred at one point. 

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