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 Dogs - Biewer Terrier

The biewer terrier is a small dog, similar to the Yorkshire terrier, but has a distinctly different colour pattern. Biewers have been imported into South Africa, and a breeding program established. They are a relatively new breed in SA, having been started in Germany in 1980's. Breeders called Gertrude and Werner Biewer were presented with a piebald puppy when their Yorkshire terrier gave birth! By selective breeding they started a line of Yorkies with white markings. They named the dogs, "Biewer Yorkshire a la Pom Pon." They have been called "belted Yorkies," because of the markings: they have a striped/banded coat, starting at the top line and flowing down the sides.

A breed standard has been established and Biewers are now a separate breed from the Yorkshire terrier

Biewers have long, straight hair. They have a silky, shiny coat. In the show ring, long hair down to the ground is impressive. But as pets, many people cut the coat the same length all over - not too short - giving a tousled, lovable look. A Biewer dog should be brushed regularly.

Ears are erect & feathered. 

Eyes may be green, gold or dark colored.  Eye rims should be chocolate or dark in colour. 

The tail is carried upright, unless the breeder docks it (cuts it off)

Because of their cute appearance, Biewers are sometimes spoiled by over-indulgent owners. They should be given kind training while young, and taught obedience. Those bright doggy eyes seem to say, "I promise to obey your words," as King David of Israel wrote.  Obedience to God was the key to King David's success. Psalm 119 verse 57.

3 biewers with bows in hair Biewer puppy


The early history of dog breeds

Height at shoulder: 22 cm
Weight: 3.1kg

Life Expectancy: About 12-15 years

Group: toy

Colour of Biewers

Black, white and tan. The legs should be white, tip of the tail white, chest and tummy white. The body is black and white with the black in ring. The head is black, white and tan. The nose and eyelids are black only. The legs are white.

Coat on body of dog must be black, blue or chocolate in color with white bands/stripes to be no less than 25% of the total body area. Symmetrical white areas on face are preferred but not mandatory.

Black or Blue coated dogs must have black nose, black eye rims and black or white toe nails. 

Biro Yorkies

Dogs that look like biewers but are brown and white with brown eyelids and brown noses are called BIRO Yorkies. I am not aware of any in South Africa. Brown coated dogs must have brown nose, brown eye rims and brown or white toe nails.  There can be no black on a brown dog.

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