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  Boarding Kennels for Dogs, Cats, & other pets, in South Africa


Listing of kennels does not imply approval of the kennel by this website. Before you book in, read this advice about putting your pet in a kennel; make your pets' stay a happy one! Click here.

Click on an area below, to find a kennel. Leave your pet in safe care while you are away.

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Vaal Triangle Free State E Cape

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W Cape Catteries only

You can add your kennel to the list free.

Boarding kennels know that it's important to give pets enough exercise. Many have spacious runs for dogs or cats, or take the dogs out to exercise yards. Sometimes pet owners are more concerned with their pet's exercise needs, than their own! Let's look after our bodies and keep ourselves fit. "Exercise is profitable, but exercising godliness is even more important!" 1 Timothy 4, 7 - 8

Dog kennels will usually let you come & inspect before you board. Of course, the staff of a dog kennel needs time off, and must perform duties at certain times, so arrange a convenient time to tour the kennel, or cattery.


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