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Dogs - Borzoi


The borzoi originated in Russia, where they were used by the aristocracy for hunting. They were once called Russian wolfhounds.

They are slim, graceful dogs, and can run so fast they can catch hare. Lots of exercise is a must! They are sight hounds - in other words they respond to what they see - a fleeing animal for example. A scent hound sniffs the ground, and goes by smell rather than sight.

Borzois can be reserved with people they do not know. 

The borzoi has a long, silky coat, which needs grooming. 

Colour: any colour, but usually white with lemon, tan, grey, brindle or black markings. Occasionally borzois are seen where the whole coat is of any of these colours.

In South Africa, the minimum height at shoulder is males: 74 cm, females 68 cms. There is no maximum height stipulated. 

Weight: 35 - 48 kg.

Class: hound

A black and white borzoi Borzois belonging to A. van Staden


Dogs often breath through their mouths. It helps to cool them, and gets air in quicker after running. A well-trained dog pants in eagerness for it's owner's commands. 

King David of Israel said, "I open my mouth & pant, longing for God's commands." Psalm 119 verse 131 The Bible. Let's pray for an eagerness to read God's Word and to hear His commands!


Russian wolfhound struts its stuff in the show ring Teltrishka Nicolai at Damaranlor at 2 yrs old, stands 88cms at the shoulder. Owner: D. Spence, South Africa


Borzoi facing camera Borzoi & owner
Svora Tsarina Shakira, aka Lara, with owner S. Haines of South Africa


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