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    KUSA Registered Dog Breeders

in South Africa

Breeds alphabetic - B 

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Breeders sometimes put breeding restrictions on their puppies' registration certificate, so if you are planning to be a breeder yourself, do ask the KUSA registered breeders before you buy puppies.

Basset hound.

* Bassefied *

Bassset hound puppy standing on a wall.

*Avantgarde *  *Gelukshoop  * *Jarocas * 

Beagle puppy exploring the world
Belgian Shepherd (Malinois).

*Amden  *

*CollinsK9  *    

*K9Village  *

Belgian shepherd
Bernese Mountain Dog.

*Darienko *

Bernese mountain dog puppy
Black Russian Terrier (now called Russian Black Terrier, RBT) *Hercon*    *Zelsa* black shaggy puppy

* Afrika *    

Inquisitive boerboel puppy
Boergreyhound (boerwindhond)

* Dejager*

boerwindhond tiny

Border Collie.     *Avantgarde *

Black & white collie puppy
Border terrier.

* Blamich *

* Bordale *   

Headshot of Border terrier
Boston terrier. 




Black & white Boston terrier puppy on red blanket



Boxer being trained as a show dog
Bull terrier.

* Sunduza  *

* Voivodata*

Bull terrier puppy, tan and white




*Oakenbough *  

Chubby bull dog puppy



Bullmastiff puppy
Breeders are despondent when a planned mating produces nothing. Let's be like Habakkuk, who said, "Though there be no sheep in the pen (or pups in the whelping box) yet will I rejoice in the Lord." Habakkuk 3, 17 - 18

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