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 Dog Breeders, alphabetical by breed


Many dog breeds are similar, so look at the pix on the breed pages if you're not sure which breed of dog you want. Ask the breeders about the dogs' temperament, as a dog is not just a pretty face! If you're buying a puppy, plan to take leave from work, because puppies need careful supervision and bonding in their formative years.


A - B

affenpinscher, akita, Alsatian (GSD), amstaff, Australian cattle dog, Australian terrier, basset, beagle, Belgian Shepherd, black Russian, boerboel, boergreyhound, border collie, border terrier, Boston, boxer, bull terrier, bulldog, bullmastiff. Click here


C - D

cavalier K. C. spaniel, chihuahua, cocker, corgi, dachshund, Dobermann,  Click here


E - I

French bulldog, German shepherd dog, giant schnauzer, golden retriever, griffon, husky, Irish setter, Irish terrier, Irish wolfhound, Italian greyhound  Click here


J - M

Jack Russell, Kerry Blue, King Charles Spaniel, Labrador, Lhasa Apso, Maltese, miniature poodle, miniature schnauzer Click here


N - R

papillon, Pekingese, Pharoah Hound, Pomeranian, poodle, pug, Puli, ridgeback, Rottweiler,  Click here



Saint Bernard, schnauzer, Scottish terrier, setter, Siberian husky, spaniel, Spinone, Staffordshire bull terrier (Staffie) standard schnauzer Click here


T - Z

toypom, toy poodle, vizla, weimaraner, west highland white terrier, wire haired dachshund.   wire haired fox terrier, Yorkshire terrier (Yorkie) Click here


"A live dog is better than a dead lion," observed King Solomon of Israel, Ecclesiastes 9, 4. Some folk expect their dog to fight their battles for them - to kill burglars. It's better to keep the dog in the house where it can't be poisoned, than to risk its life in the garden. A small barking dog can be a good burglar deterrent! 

In South Africa, KUSA is considered the authority on dogs, so most breeders register their puppies with KUSA. KUSA can also send you a copy of the breed standard. Puppies may not look like the breed standard to start with - some breeds change colour as they mature. But you can compare the parents with the breed standard. Dog breeders should all be familiar with the standard.


Thank you so very much for this wonderful website and the oppertunity to advertise through you. You have made it very easy so sell my puppies who have all gone to wonderful homes.  Petro Bruwer


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