A bulldog may pant with tongue hanging out to keep cool


The dogs that are called "English" bulldogs were bred in UK for the sport of taunting bulls. (Now banned).

Bulldog puppies for sale

Baby bulldog gets carried

I am a breeder of English Bulldogs. We have puppies at the moment. The puppies will be registered with KUSA and will have a microchip implanted in every puppy before it leaves our home. There will be no breeding restrictions on the registration certificate and there will be no contract. Puppies will be inoculated and dewormed before sold. I am in Randfontein, Gauteng, South Africa. I am willing to arrange delivery at customer's expense to major airports in South Africa. Contact Alta Wilters 0829072731 email  awilters2@gmail.com   
Posted 22.12.19

 More Bulldog Breeders, who may have puppies


Ross Herd, 071 359 4303, e-mail: rossherd@gmail.com, Webpage Oakenbough

Gordon Leslie, 031 2626217, 0836577347, e-mail gordonleslie@mweb.co.za, Website: www.bulldogsbyelleries.co.za

Jean-Mari Justino   0824789745    E-mail: jean-mari@maluko.co.za   Webpage: Maluko

Jurie & Ansa Wessels, 082 462 2644, 082 462 0594, email wessjjels@gmail.com   Website: www.jucharanzi.com 

Andre Els, Cell 0827820708, Email andre.els100@gmail.com Website: www.elsinbulldogs.co.za

About bulldogs

Bulldog puppies are cute, but remember they grow into strong heavy dogs, so set ground rules for your bulldog puppy from day one. 

Bulldogs are short, strong, stocky dogs with big heads. The head should be flat on top. The ears have a rounded shape like a flower. The face is flat and wrinkled. Some dogs have difficulty breathing and snore! Keep the dog indoors on hot days.

A bulldog has short, bowlegs. It requires little exercise. The build of the dog makes swimming difficult. Keep bulldog puppies away from swimming pools or they will drown.

The back has a curved, sagging appearance. The tail is very short and set low. 

Clean the dog's wrinkles regularly in case sweat causes sores.

Because of the large head, birthing bulldog puppies can be difficult and some breeders opt for Caesarian section. 

They are more friendly than they look! They are quiet dogs and make good pets.

The history of dogs and development of breeds.

Class: Utility

Weight: dogs 25 kg, bitches 23 kg

bulldog puppy. Lots of soft, loose skin, going out for a walk

Bulldog puppy


A tan bulldog with loose, wrinkled skin

The wrinkles should be examined regularly to check for sores or parasites.

bull dog in the show ring

Breakspear Drum Major.

Owner Mr De Franks


bulldog head-on, looking formiddable!

Tristan, a white and tan bulldog belonging to T. Bouwer


Some dogs are stubborn, aren't they? They make us cross! People are sometimes stubborn too! The Bible says, stubbornness, and refusing to listen, makes God angry!"   Judges chapter 2,  19 - 23  


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