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Chow chows are an ancient breed. Some people think they may have originated in the cold Arctic Circle, from whence traders took them to China. Chinese aristocracy kept chow chows for guard dogs, for hunting, and for pulling carts. The poorer folk ate them! Dogs are still eaten in some countries today. The fur was used for clothing.

In the 18th century, when trading ships brought the dogs to the west, chow chow was slang for the assorted cargo in the holds.  

See origins of dogs.

Chow chows can be aggressive, and must be socialised well in puppyhood. They have been known to bite their owners, other people, and other dogs. Children must be taught to respect the dog's natural aloofness. Children tend to run up to chow chows and hug them as they look so cuddly, but this can be dangerous! A chow chow grows into a strong, stubborn dog, so puppies should be taken to a training school.

The chow chow has a thick coat, with a lion-like mane. Chow chows in South Africa feel the heat, so they need to be given plenty of shade. Do not leave a dog in a hot car. The thick coat needs regular brushing. There is also a smooth-coated chow chow whose coat needs less attention, though all dogs benefit from brushing and enjoy the attention that their owner devotes to them in the grooming sessions. 

The tail curls over the dog's back.

Colour: red, black, cream, cinnamon or blue. They have a blue tongue and mouth.

Height at shoulder: males 48 - 56 cms, females 46 - 51 cms.

Class: Utility


short-haired chow chow

A long haired black chow

Special Edition, smooth coat

Spanky, rough coat

Chow chow with bandana round neck

Tiny chow chow puppy

Pankou. Photo taken at Grahamstown dog show, South Africa. Chow chow puppy



Is it OK to eat dogs? Some cultures say it's OK, some say it's not OK. I guess it's a matter of taste! The Bible says we mustn't call anything that God has made "dirty" or "repulsive." I figure that goes for people as well as animals! Acts chapter 10. 



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