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Cats - Devon Rex

Devons are really funny cats. They wag their tails when they are happy. They like to jump on your shoulder and sit there for fun. They do love humans and will go to anyone. This is why they have to be indoor cats only.

They can be bathed every two weeks, as oil builds up on the curly hair. The ears should be cleaned regularly. 

Devon is a county in the south of England, where the breed originated.

Devon rex cats

Notice the curly coat of the cat on the right!

Photos courtesy Taldi Cattery, South Africa

Devon rex cat with yellow eyes

Devon rex cat with blue eyes & silver markings

Devon rex cat, side view, showing curly coat


Devon Rex Kittens

Devon rex striped kitten Devon rex kitten with big eyes & ears



Devon rex cats make great pets. They love to be around people. We should try to act cheerful because pets pick up our vibes. The Bible says, "Good news give health to the bones." Proverbs 15, 30. A cheerful cat is a healthy cat!

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