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Fun Dog Show & Dog Walk 2014

Our annual dog show was dafter than ever. We had an egg & spoon race with the dogs, an 11 legged race, an agility display, dog show with prizes, Walk in the Wilds, plant sale, jumble sale, wors rolls, and more. It was a relaxed, pleasant, social event. Hope you can come next year! (Date to be decided)

German short haired pointer was best big dog

A boy and his dog

A basset hound has expressive eyes!

Jess enjoyed the doggy day and her wagging tail was witness!


 Best big dog

Best friends (child and dog)

Most appealing eyes

Waggiest tail

Dog walking the plank Over 100 plants for sale!

Airedale prize winner


Agility demonstration by Ron Cosser and his dogs.


Plant sale Dog least likely to win a prize. The finalists line up. Who will be selected as Top Dog?  


Fancy Dress





Folk could enter as many categories as they you liked. The more you enter, the greater your chances of winning!



Golden Oldie - best oldish dog over 7 years.

Cutest Little dog (Doesn't have to be the smallest dog)

Best Biggish Dog

Best Child and Dog (All the child has to do is hold the leash. Parents can help)

Most Appealing Eyes

Best Artist (Paw-painting)

Best mixed breed

Dog Least Likely to Win a Prize. If you don't think your dog will win a prize, um, well... This category is for you.

Fancy Dress. You can put any outfit on your dog - doesn't have to be fancy - a coat or a collar will do.

Waggiest Tail

The winner of each category went into The Finals! This is a tense moment in which the Judge must decide who is TOP DOG.

The Top Dog was Zak, an elderly poodle owned by Dave Kirby of Kenton on Sea.  

Three cheers for the Top Dog and all the doggies! Four cheers for the Judge & all the helpers! Digital photos of the winners will be on sale.

There was time for a quick slurp of tea or coollie, or to grab some graze, then we were off to the Walk in the Wilds!


Walk in the Wilds 

Entry fee R20 per adult, R5 per dog. Kids school age and younger free. The dogs love the excitement of a pack walk. We'll walk slowly, at the pace of the slowest dog. The walk takes around 45 mins.

The small print: Finally, if there are any plants or jumble left over, it may be marked down or auctioned, but don't tell anybody. It's better to come early and get the best stuff.



All dogs are to be on a lead and in the control of an adult. One dog per person. If you have two dogs, bring a friend to hold the other lead. Bring another friend to hold the dogs while you enjoy a snack or browse the book stall.

Dogs should be treated with Advantix or a similar product before coming, as there are ticks in the area.

Please keep to the paths as there are ticks, snakes, and cactus in the long grass. 

Bags and bins will be provided to pick up your own dog's poo.  

No dogs or children to be left in a car.

Dogs and their people enter Pets' Place at their own risk.


Dress code

Dress code for people: Casual clothes are best in case a friendly dog jumps up on you with muddy paws. Wear comfy lace-up shoes for the walk & egg and spoon race. Children should not come barefoot in case they step in doggy poo. Wear a sun hat and sun-block, or raincoat and gumboots. Whaddever.

Dress code for dogs: Formal. Strictly collar and tie. (the tie being a lead). Since the dog doesn't have a sun-hat, you can bring an umbrella and wet towel if you wish, to provide coolness for the dog.


A previous dog show:

We had a goofy, woofy day. The dogs wagged their tails, and their proud owners smiled. It was a happy day.

The registration table

The show ring

Child & friend class

First, you write down your dogs' names. Then you get called to line up with the other doggies.  And nobody cares whether they win or not, 'cos it's just fun.


Other things that go on at the same time is a jolly jumble sale, and refreshments, and a plant sale. 

Plant Sale

Garden plants from R5!

Beautiful flowerbeds chocabloc with plants

The creator of this garden is donating plants, as are other top gardeners. You can have a garden like this! Cats love catnip! It's easy to grow. Plants are on sale from R5

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