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 Breeder of Kerry Blue Terriers



Margaret O'Carroll

landline telephone No: 0118054035

mobile/cell No: 0722896989

e-mail Address: erindel@telkomsa.net

You don’t think any dog can smile … laugh?  Just watch a Kerry Blue Terrier for a few minutes – he is a born clown.  A sense of curiosity? Well, he has one, he wants to know what you are doing every minute – and why. A Kerry being inquisitive is very quick to learn new things and as a result can be involved in any of the animal sports such as breed shows or agility.    

Kerrys make ideal house pets. They are a perfect size – not too big or too small.  About 16 kg and 45 cms tall.  They do not shed hair all over the house or your clothes, and have no doggy odour. Once you have owned such a dog you will never want any other breed. The best home is one that is tolerant of a busy dog. Kerrys are people dogs; they love to be part of a family and have a strong affinity with children. They generally live to 12 years, but 16 is not unheard of.    

I have bred Kerrys for many years. My puppies are raised in my home.

I live in Midrand can arrange delivery.


Champion Kerry Blue terrier, nicely groomed

Ch. Erindel Skibbereen. House name, Skibby


Obedient Kerry Blue Terrier with owner



Kerry blue puppy

A Kerry Blue puppy at 8 weeks

“Rescue” organisations have been upsetting, ruining, the business of breeding dogs. I am convinced the problem of lack of breeding pedigree dogs is caused by the great number of rescue organizations that are around these days. Some breeds have just disappeared in recent years. It shows in the lack of dogs at dogs shows. There are old breeds such as Schipperke, Keeshond and Old English Sheepdogs that are not at shows. My breed Kerry Blue Terriers has been affected too. I am the only breeder of Kerry Blues the past 2 years; there used to be 5 breeders.

Most of the small breeders; ie breeders who really only breed because they love their chosen breed and breed 2 litters a year. One breeds a specific breed because one is interested in breeding sound puppies and any money that is paid goes to the care of the puppies in question and pays for the care, food and anything medical that may happen to the few specimens that are needed to keep the breed going. My example being R1000 a month on food, any inoculations for the few dogs in the home and very little left as real profit. People forget so easily that to keep new genes into a breed, cost an imported dog. It usually costs a whole litter of say 6 puppies to import a new stud dog for example.

 Puppy farmers don’t help the situation with having many bitches and there are puppies always available.

Quite often I get a query that is not specific in any way “ do you have any puppies for sale” Obviously they just want a dog now, and whether the breed fits into their home is not considered. I had an enquiry some time back from someone who finished the back and forth emails with the comment “I thought one just bought a dog and lived happily ever after.”

One must think of getting a dog into the home at least 6 months in advance – to wait for a bitch to come into season, mated and 9 weeks gestation and then some 8 weeks to be with their mother - puppies don’t just arrive in 3 weeks like a chicken out of an egg. First to see what the dog was bred for which gives more than appearance to choose the breed that suits the family. All breeds of dogs were bred for a job to do; from being a circus dog to a guard dog to a lap dog. Mongrels are often so difficult because they don’t know what to do with any situation. So often these accident litters were raised in some outdoor place and never cuddled.


The legal stuff

My puppies are KUSA registered, have a microchip implanted, inoculated and dewormed. There are no breeding restrictions. Buyers receive a signed KUSA registration certificate.

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