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 Dogs - Fox Terrier, wire coat

The Fox Terrier, both smooth and wire-haired, originates in UK. The smooth-haired is an older breed than the wire haired. Francis Redmond, a breeder, set the standard in 1876. Fox terriers were bred to hunt fox and badger. This compact dog can get into the burrows and hiding holes of other animals and chase them out. Terrier comes from the Latin "terra" or earth. They are good at digging vermin out of the earth. Read the origins of dog breeds.

Puppies for sale


Myself, the breeder, with a previous litter

Beautiful KUSA registered Wire Haired Fox Terrier Pups - Born 27 Aug. Ready to leave us at 7-8 weeks with two vaccinations, all dewormings, and micro-chip implanted. We deliver in Port Elizabeth and surrounding towns. Pups can be send by plane to all major airports in SA on buyers expense. No restrictions or contracts. More on our Webpage:  Yorma,  Please contact Hannatjie on 0848991978 or hannatjie@yorma.co.za   for more info and photos.   Posted 17.09.19


More Wire haired fox terrier breeders


Gillian Maxted 0837435232 or email    maxtedgm@gmail.com    Website,    www.isimax-wires.co.za 

Hannatjie Whitlock, Local 049 8360 003, 084 899 1978, email    hannatjie@yorma.co.za    Webpage    Yorma

Ironel Lötter 044-9561011 or 0845168317,  email:    ironel@vodamail.co.za    webpage:    avantgardekennels

Anitha de Klerk, 0716985970 or 073 902 8933, email     rietrivier@gmail.com    Website    www.malotiwires.co.za


 Your fox terrier puppy ad could go here!    Ask Eileen


About fox terriers

Today the Foxie makes a loyal, devoted companion and defender of the family. Being small, the dog will be happy in a small garden, but would enjoy long walks. Fox terriers have a hunting instinct and can be aggressive towards other dogs. It's not advisable to keep lots of fox terriers. One male & one female may get along, but two males will fight for dominance, and two females may fight to kill!

The coat of the smooth fox terrier is short but the wirehaired terrier has a longer, rough coat with a slight beard. In Afrikaans it's called, "steek haar," or "steekhaar."

Hand-stripping helps to maintain the coarse wiry texture of wire-haired dogs. Using clippers tends to ruin the harshness, but of course it's much quicker!

Some breeders cut off the puppies's tails at about a man's hand span, but docking is being outlawed world wide, so many breeders leave their puppies with a natural tail. If you're ordering a puppy, you can ask the breeder not to cut the puppy's tail off.

Colour: white with black and or tan markings. Weight: 7 - 8 kg. Height: 39 cm at shoulder

Class: Terrier 

Wire terrier standing like a champ

ABOVE: International Champion Djago von der Bismarckquelle belongs to G. Maxted


The wire haired terrier above belongs to A. Mans

Two wire haired terriers on a trampoline

Wire hair terrier, ears folded

 Below - puppies

wire haired fox terrier puppy seated

wirehaired fox terrier puppy among flowerpots


If only we could be happy and spirited like a dog! As the Bible says, "Be joyful always... give thanks in all circumstances... do not put out the Spirit's fire."  That's from Paul's letter to the Thessalonians chapter 5 verses 16 - 19


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