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Dogs - Giant Schnauzer


The original schnauzer was the standard schnauzer, which was smaller than the giant. By selecting the biggest puppies from different litters, and mating them, breeders have produced the giant schnauzer. The giant schnauzer was used by the troops in the two world wars. They have also been used as police dogs. They are trainable and make formidable watch dogs. 

Giant breed puppies should be fed on puppy food that is specially formulated for large breeds so that they grow big and strong.

Care should be taken to socialise a puppy so that it becomes used to other people and other dogs. 

Height: males 65 - 70 cms at shoulder, females 60 -65 cms. 

Class: working


Big black giant schnauzer with friend

Lanstone Tamar Asubu of Stonerock  (bitch)

Giant schnauzer relaxing on the lawn

Hofburg Rica's Otan of StoneRock (male dog)


Giant schnauzers are classified as a working breed. Standard & mini schnauzers are classified as a utility breed. To my mind, utility means they are cute, but they are not working dogs. They are not herders that herd sheep, they are not gun dogs, they don't retrieve, they don't fit in any of the working categories.

I think I'd rather be a working dog. The Bible says, "Make it your ambition to mind your own business and to work with your hands, so that your life may win the respect of others, and so that you will not be dependent on anybody."

1 Thessalonians chapter 4, 11


Two alert black giant schnauzer puppies

Giant schnauzer puppies

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