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Grand Basset Griffon Vendéen (GBGV)


Two pale coloured basset griffon vendeen

This breed looks like a basset hound with coarse, shaggy hair, and indeed it is a cousin of the basset hound but it has long hair and is higher on the leg. It's a French breed, bred for hunting. Grand is French for big. (It's bigger than the petit (small) basset griffon vendeen - another cousin.) Vendee is an area in France.

The name gets abbreviated to GBGV.

The basset family of dogs have a good hunting instinct and bark loudly if they see prey, alerting the hunstman with his gun.

Like his basset cousins, the GBGV can be obstinate and early training from puppyhood is recommended.

The GBGV has staight legs which enables him to run after small game, with his big nose to the ground. The body is long and bulky. The tail is long. The straight spine is long in comparison to height. Long ears are characteristic.

Height at shoulder: males around 40 - 44 cms, females 39 - 43 cms.

A variety of colours are permitted by the Breed Standard: Black with white spotting (white and black). Black with tan markings (black and tan). Black with light tan markings. Fawn with white spotting (white and orange). Fawn with black mantle and white spotting (tricolour). Fawn with black overlay. Pale fawn with black overlay and white spotting. Pale fawn with black overlay.
Traditional names: hare colour, wolf colour, badger colour or wild boar colour.

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