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Dogs -Great Dane

The Great Dane is thought to have originated Germany where they were known as "Deutse Dogge." They spread throughout Europe and became popular in Denmark and other countries. They became known as Great Danes later. "Great" meaning "large,"  "Dane" meaning "from Denmark."

Great Danes were bred to hunt wild pigs and deer. Later Great Danes were used as fighting dogs and guard dogs. 

Early development of dog breeds

Great Danes are giant dogs and have an intimidating appearance which makes them good guard dogs. They are however friendly, trainable, and good with children. 

Great Dane puppies should be fed several small meals a day, and adult dogs twice a day, instead of one large meal, to prevent torsion. They should be allowed to rest after eating. A bloated stomach can be fatal.

The coat is short and smooth. Colours: harlequin, bluish, fawn, brindle, or black.

Don't let a Great Dane puppy sleep in your bed, because he will soon take up the whole bed!

Height: dogs must be at least 76 cms at the shoulder, bitches 71 cms.

Class: Working Dogs

A young brindle Great Dane

Caldygate Tai-pan, a red brindle great Dane puppy won Best Puppy at 9 months. Owner: A. Wait, South Africa


Imagine what would happen in a house if a great Dane was allowed to do what it liked! If it were never trained or corrected, it would be impossible to handle. Let's not be afraid to set down rules for our dogs, our kids, and even ourselves! There are many proverbs about discipline in the Bible; here's one of them: "Discipline your son (or dog!) and he will give you peace. He will bring delight to you." 

Proverbs 29 verse 17


A great Dane puppy at 3 months.   Great Dane puppy looks big at 3 months!


Great Dane, harlequin, Colby Reid

Colby, whose markings are called, "harlequin," belongs to T. Reid, South Africa. 


great Dane in showring pose

Great Dane in normal frisky mode

Roshanda Cool Blue Cushca at Gamekeeper belongs to R. Follentine, South Africa


Great Dane on hind legs, paws on master's shoulders, is taller than a man! Ceaser aged one year
Maritza Pieterse says, "Here Caeser and my husband (who is 1.9m) are battling to see who is the tallest!  He a placid dog and I would never get another breed if anything should happen to him!  My heart was his the first time I saw him."




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