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 South African Guide Dog Association (SAGDA)

The South African Guide Dog Association's head office is in Johannesburg. SAGDA raises its own puppies from stock with the required temperament. The breeds most often used are Labrador and golden retriever, but other breeds can be trained too. Puppies go to stay with families until they are about a year old. The families act as "puppy raisers" and they give the puppy a normal upbringing, exposing it to household noises, pets, cars, traffic, and people. The family must give the dog back to SAGDA, when it is ready to go to boarding school to begin training. A blind person goes to school with the dog, and is taught how to look after it, and how to use the dog as "eyes." The dog learns to guide his blind master across busy streets, helps him navigate hazards. When the guide dog is old, he is retired, and a replacement guide dog must be found.

Raising & training a guide dog is costly, and the South African Guide Dog Association holds fundraising events. Visit their website & see the online shop.


The Guide Dog Assoc. can be contacted through their website.  www.guidedog.org.za

Guide dog puppy, golden Labrador

This Labrador puppy is being looked after by puppy raisers. If he is suitable, he will be a guide dog when he is big, and will give a blind person a more independent life.



Jesus had compassion for blind people and healed them. Matthew 9, 27. Maybe you and I have no healing gift, but we can help by supporting the Blind Dog Assoc.

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