Joelain Kennels

Breeder of  Beagles


Johan Joubert

landline telephone No: 060 988 3628
mobile/cell No: 0823773013

e-mail Address: johan.joubert885@gmail.com


I grew up with dogs as we had a boarding kennels since I was 6 years old and we have looked after every thinkable breed over the years. Even as a child I have always had a love for the beagles because of their social, lively, and loveable temperament.
About six years ago we got our first beagle, Sam, and then our fate was sealed; we now have four beagles, Sam our Matriarch, she is in charge, it is her job to Bay and patrol the property, Lady and Magy, two sisters.  Lady is really a softy, very talkative and loves tummy rubs. Magy is our strange one, she is a Lemon and absolutely loves any attention especially a neck scratch, she is also the burglar of the family, she gets in through the smallest spaces and beagle the house.
Our boy Rex is a beautiful dark tri-colour, he loves grooming the ladies and he thinks he is still a lapdog, he pretends not to understand unless you have a treat, then he understands every word.

I have three Daughters that are growing up with the beagles and what I love about the beagles is that they are part of the family and even listen to my 4 year old.


Our dogs

Me holding a puppy

Our beagle pack

Myself with Rex

 My wife Elaine with the dogs

Tricolour beagle

Our beagles with a puppy




The kennel name, "Joelain," is registered with KUSA. We microchip our puppies and register them with KUSA breeding restrictions. We give the buyer a registration certificate. Delivery of puppies can be arranged.


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