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About us

I grew up in Rhodesia and was very privileged to grow up on 12 thousand acres plus farm and a 5000 acre beautiful ranch. I have loved animals since I was a young girl. I moved to South Africa in 1985/86 after Robert Magabe got into power. (Needless to say, I don't have to explain the history of the farmers). 25 years ago, I got my first Rottweiler. I fell in love with the breed from day one. My Mother In Law urged me to breed as she saw the love and dedication I had for animals. I started off with one female and male from the top breeders in South Africa then. I entered shows then and have had 1st's and reserve champions. I have been breeding ever since, but only do very selective breeding now. My stock and gene pool come from the Kennel of Imports where lines have been tested world-wide. I am extremely passionate about my Rotties and I am truly blessed to live on a small holding where my Rotties have lots of space to run. My husband and daughter have been so supportive and are always there to help. The reason why I chose the Rottie is because they make wonderful pets. They are incredibly devoted, loyal, loving, intelligent and protective. I encourage puppy training and socialising. Once you own a Rottie, you will never own another breed. They are truly magnificent. I have good contacts for trainers and animal behaviourists. We are a hands on family and we truly love our Rotties.

The kennel name, "Jouleville" is registered with KUSA.

Puppies are KUSA registered Rottweilers.  They will have a microchip implanted  There will be a breeding restriction and a general contract/information sheet. All pups are inoculated and dewormed. Our litters are planned and we do very selective breeding. HD and ED readings A2. 

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