Boarding Kennel for Sale


Need more space for your dogs? Or fancy a lifestyle working with animals?

Pets Place Boarding Kennel is for sale. Eastern Cape. Situated in pleasant countryside, 30 minutes drive from beautiful beaches. The premises is suitable for boarding kennels, rescue kennels, doggy day care, or for a dog breeder who wants to keep dogs apart when necessary.

Owner retiring.


The plot is called Quintin's Field. It was first used for farm land. Around 1989 it was bought by Joan Fourie, a dog breeder and groomer. She built a cottage and began a grooming and boarding business called Pets Haven. She also did small scale farming. In 2002 it was bought by myself. I changed the name to Pets Place and developed the boarding business. Today it is a flourishing business with repeat customers.

The property comprises:

24 dog kennels, most of whom can house several dogs from the same household. At peak times, pets are turned away, so there is potential for expansion.

Fenced grass playgrounds for dogs.

8 cat kennels with catnip gardens.

Rabbit cages, which can be used for any small animal, or possibly birds.

3 bed-roomed Cottage.  Open plan kitchen/living room. One bathroom. The main bedroom has fitted cupboards with two wardrobe hanging spaces and ample shelving. Floor size 160.5mē.

Single garage with small store room.

Self-contained granny flat which can be used for visitors, staff quarters, or storage. With a little alteration it could be made wheelchair-friendly. Floor size 75mē.

Two wooden Wendy cabins 3m x 6m each

Ample fencing

Strong working borehole, and rain water tanks. The borehole should deliver 1200L per hr,  according to Jimmy Emslie, who installed it, and who is quick to act should any part need replaced.

10 hectares with river boundary, suitable for livestock. The property is next to the beautiful Lindale game farm.

Eskom electricity

Reliable wi-fi and cell phone coverage

The rates are low as there is no municipal service. There are two septic tanks for sewage, and a French drain for grey water.



Natural resources:

The soil near the river is fine, stoneless sand, suitable for building or brick-making.

There is abundant fire-wood from thorn trees. The cottage has a fireplace big enough for a wood stove.

Aloe ferrox grows wild and makes a colourful splash in the winter. The leaves may be of commercial value.

Wildlife seen on the property: buck, monkeys, otter, porcupine, spring hare, rabbit, dassie, warthog, tortoise. It is a natural wildlife sanctuary.

Reeds by the river can be used for natural-looking fencing or screens.


The business is a going concern with a good name, good will, advance bookings, and repeat customers. Mentoring and help with relief work from present owner is a possibility if needed.


Pets Place is 20 minutes drive from Grahamstown, home of top class schools, Rhodes University, the annual National Arts Festival, and an annual KUSA dog show. The kennels is at Salem hamlet, which has an active church and cricket/tennis club.


Turnover from kennels for year end Feb 2017 was R250,000 this was after the business was downsized because of the owner's health. Before downsizing, the income was more. In 2015 it was R447,085. The business can easily be built up to this figure again as the infrastructure is there. The average number of pets per day before downsizing was 35 pets per day, all year round. The maximum that were accommodated was 70 pets. Pets were being turned away during peak holiday seasons.


Because the place is not in brand new, mint condition, it is going for R1m, which includes all of the above - property and business. If the place were immaculate, it would be TWO million!


At front of the cottage is a sunny bedroom with a window down to pet-level. A peep through the front bedroom window. Pets love this cosy room! It leads out to its own garden with a big tree where they can watch the weaver birds building nests.
Kitchen area of the living room, which also serves as dining room and lounge all in one, open plan. At the back of the house is a large enclosed verandah which could be made into an extra bedroom, workshop, or grooming parlour.
A few of the kennels. Dogs play in the garden and sleep in a kennel. The building on the right is the office. The main dwelling is on the left of it.
Above - the bathroom in the main dwelling. The granny flat has a shower/toilet,
The garage has electric lights, and two power points.  
A profusion of yellow wild flowers Purple wild flowers growing up the fence
No need to do gardening - the wild flowers create colour.




There is an alarm in the cottage, flat, garage, and at the gate. The gate is set on "chime" which gives a soft noise when a customer, or anyone, comes through the gate. The alarm was installed by Hi Tec.

Burglar bars on windows in the cottage. Two doors have security gates.

There is a security camera recording the comings and goings at the gate, day and night.

The flat has 3 cameras because it is used as a store room. These could be moved elsewhere, by Hi Tec.

There are ample kennels should the new owner wish to keep guard dogs.

Outside lights have been installed around the cottage.

WhatsApp Group

The area is covered by Hi-Tec Security Firm, and Seven Fountains Police.





Land Claim

One of my first questions when I bought the place was, "Are there any land claims? "

There are no land claims on Pets Place or any of the smallholdings along the river. So life goes on in the village as normal. The Salem Commonage Claim has been settled in the Supreme Court, so cannot be taken any higher. A large piece of land has been given to the claimants, but Pets Place is not affected.

It takes courage to relocate and take up a boarding business! It's always stressful to move house. Jesus said, "If anyone loves me, he will keep my word, and my Father and I will come to him and make our home with him."  My story of how I got the kennels is here - Personal



The landline in the video below is no more. Phone Eileen Gibb on 0842839746 or email


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