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 Dogs - Labrador Retriever

chocolate Labrador profile


This breed is thought to have originated in the geographical area called Labrador, the Newfoundland area on the east coast of Canada.


Labrador puppies for sale

BLACK MALE LABRADOR PUPPY AVAILABLE - R7200 - ready for his new home on 3rd May 2018. Parents have good hip and elbow gradings, PRA and EIC tested and current (2018) clear eye certificates. Pups have been dewormed every 2 weeks, treated preventatively for ticks and fleas every 3 weeks, vaccinated and vet checked at 4 & 6 weeks, microchip implanted and will be temperament assessed at 7 weeks by an accredited animal behaviourist in order to match pups and homes. Pups will be KUSA registered with transfers directly to new owners. All our pups are sold with contracts and breeder restrictions. Contact Vicki Reid labrador@discoverymail.co.za   or 011 475 1342 (work). You can visit our website:  www.chezenkolabradors.co.za   for photos of the litter and parents.   Posted 25.04.18
Our labrador puppies were born on 1st April 2018, mum: Alberden Gemma, and dad Chenzeko Over and out. Ready for their new forever homes from 25 May 2018. We are situated in PTA. Boys and Girls Labies are R6500 each and a deposit of R2000 must be paid when you book your puppy. We register all the puppies with KUSA. Parents are KUSA registered with all their necessary paperwork in order, ED, HD, PRA, EIC and SAVA eye tests are done. Puppies will be ready at 8 weeks with a microchip implanted, dewormed fortnightly, vaccinated and vet checked before they leave my home. Sherise Roux  084 443 0127  Visit our webpage for more info and photos about our puppies.  Dyrbaratassar    Posted 25.04.18
CHOCOLATE LABRADOR RETRIEVER PUPS. I have 9 chocolate Male pups from 2 litters. Ready for their new homes on 5th May 2018. Parents have been checked for PRA and Hip and Elbow Dysplasia. Pups are dewormed every 2 weeks and will have microchips implanted before they leave. Pups will be KUSA registered and will also have had their first inoculation and be checked by a vet. Pups are sold with a Puppy Contract and Breeding Restrictions. Pups are R7000 each. I live in Underberg, KZN. Please contact: Sandy Adamson on 072 870 4991. I also have a webpage with more photos:  casaguri.labradors, or email me on casagurilabradors@gmail.com   Posted 18.04.18

Chocolate Labrador puppies available. 1 female, 2 males. Puppies are KUSA registered, vet checked with first inoculation, 3 x dewormed and have a microchip implanted. Parents have good hip and elbow scores. Cost of puppies is R7000. Additional flight cost R700 to most airports in SA. We do also fly puppies to African countries, including Namibia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Ghana, etc. Contactable references available on request. KUSA registered breeder of 11 years. Contact Tracy Collins 0827510672, kingsdale.kennels@gmail.com    Posted 16.04.18


Chocolate Labrador puppies available, two males R6000 ea. KUSA registered, vaccinated microchip implanted at 6 weeks, and dewormed fortnightly. Parents both HD, ED, PRA, EIC, SAVA tested. Dad imported from UK, Elmsmere Burnt Sugar of Conkasha, and Champion Beyond Belief - Beech- are the parents - viewable on my wesbite. Pups born 01/02/2018 able to leave now. Breeding restrictions are placed on all pups, liftable on satisfactory health testings. More pix on our webpage: Conkasha. Sharron Brown sharron@dogsdogsdogs.co.za  0828307291 Lanseria Johannesburg. Posted 12.04.18
2 Yellow males born 05 Feb 18 rehome 02 April 18. We have a contract and ask R6000.00 for the adorable puppies. The parents are HIP, ELBOW, EIC, and PRA tested.  The puppies are dewormed at 2, 4, 6 weeks and microchips will be implanted in every puppy before it leaves our home. At collection the puppies will be inoculated, dewormed and examined by a vet. The Kennel Union of South Africa (KUSA) registration will be in process. Flight to all major airport can be arrange at additional fee. Please contact MC Oosthuizen 0827717374; 0827717364 or email oosthuizenmc@gmail.com    Posted 06.04.18


More breeders, who have puppies occasionally

Michele Compton  016  9713104,  0721708909,  e-mail : Jesandow@gmail.com. Website: www.jesandowlabradors.co.za

Dale Fabian, 0218581971,  0824254019, E-mail info@bardale.co.za, Webpage: Bardale

Denise Hopley 082 417 2686 or 011 6263490 (work) alberden.labradors@gmail.com or buying@trekscale.com. Webpage: Alberden.

Johan Joubert, 060 988 3628, 0823773013, email: johan.joubert885@gmail.com,  Webpage: Joelain

Sheryll Gander Kloeck, 083 324 2522, Email: wildspiritgundogs@gmail.com, Webpage: Wildspirit

MC Oosthuizen 0827717374; 0827717364 or email oosthuizenmc@gmail.com.  Webpage - Bankeveld

Vicki Reid,  082 440 4647, email labrador@discoverymail.co.za   Website: Chezenko

Sherise Roux, Cell 0844430127, e-mail: dt.preciouspaws@icloud.com, Webpage: Dyrbaratassar

Lizette Smith, 0185812063,  Cell: 0835555480,  E-mail: lambrada.ls@gmail.com   Webpage: Lambrada

Sandy Adamson 072 870 4991 (8am to 8pm). email: casagurilabradors@gmail.com, Webpage: casaguri.labradors

Ronel Boshoff 012 544 0960, 082 954 5222 email ronel@jarocas.co.za, Webpage: Jarocas

Sharron Brown 0828307291, email, webpage: Conkasha.

Anneliese Carstens Sel 0829014044, Tel 023 616 3129, Email marankis@lando.co.za, Website www.gelukshoop-kennels.co.za 



Your Labrador puppies could go here! Ask Eileen


It is a privilege to be part of such a GOOD website as Pets Place. I always ask the buyers where they've got our kennel name and at least 80% say Pets Place. Hannatjie, Yorma Puppies.


About Labrador retrievers

The dogs were used by fishermen to go into the water and pull the fishing nets to shore. The Labrador's thick, short coat protected him from the cold water & severe, icy weather. Labradors love water, and care must be taken not to let a puppy go near a pool, or it will drown, as it does not know how to get out. Fully grown dogs will love to get into water, & to play with a hosepipe.

The Labrador became popular in England as a gun dog and was used to retrieve game that the hunter had shot.

See origins of dogs

Children get along well with Labradors and the dogs love to play and to be kept busy. A bored dog can be destructive.

The Labrador is easy to train. They are good natured. Labradors have often been used as guide dogs for the blind, and have been trained to assist people in wheelchairs.

The word "retrieve" means to find and bring back, e.g. wounded game. Being a "retriever," the Labrador loves to carry and fetch things in his mouth. Use him to fetch things you drop!


Puppy nap time


Labradors are large, strong dogs who love to go for a walk or a swim. They like people and make great companions. Mind you don't get whammed by a wagging "otter" tail!

Labrador puppies are loveable, but once the dog reaches adolescence, it becomes a boisterous strong dog, who can knock people over, so do train your Labrador puppy to be obedient. 

Colour: black, chocolate, or yellow. The "golden" Labrador retriever is now called "yellow", so as not to confuse it with the Golden Retriever, which is a different breed.

Height at shoulder: males 56 - 57 cm, females 54 - 56 cm.

Class: gundog 

Labradors were trained by Canadian fishermen to pull their nets to the shore. Once when Jesus's friends were fishing, they had to get a second boat to help them to pull the nets and catch the fish. They had been about to give up, but because Jesus urged them to try once more, they came home with a bumper catch! Let's never give up! Let's pray for strength to try one more time!

Read Luke chapter 5


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