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German short haired pointers, and Vizslas


Ingrid Schneyder

mobile/cell: 082 218 9906

email: ingrid@montessa-gundogs.co.za


Me and my gun dogs


We have been breeding GSP’s since 1998, with our original lines coming from USA Partridge Run’s kennels who have good quality show and field trial Chamion bloodlines.   We have managed to maintain the good hunting instinct, temperament and conformation that we originally started with, and take pride in the puppies that we produce.

The German Shorthaired Pointer

The GSP is a noble, steady dog showing power, with endurance and speed, that is alert and energetic with well co-ordinated movement.  They are dual purpose hunting dogs (Pointer/Retriever), has very keen nose, perseverance in searching and initiative in game finding, excellence in field, a naturally keen worker, equally good on land and water.  As good family pets, they are gentle, affectionate,  even-tempered, alert, biddable and very loyal.  They vary in colour - Solid liver or black, ticked white and liver or black, not tri coloured.  Their height at the withers is Dogs - 58 cms (23 ins) – 64 cms (25 and Dams - Maximum height 53 cms (25 ins) – 59 cms (23ins).

In selecting a GSP, you need to be aware that they need a lot of exercise, spacious living environment, stimulation and human contact.  They do not settle well in a small garden, or when they are left in the yard and ignored. 



Some photos of our dogs

Black German shorthaired pointer with white flecks

Myself with a vizla and a pointer
  Hungarian vlsla puppies   Left- Hungarian Vizla puppies  

The legal stuff

The name, "montessa", is registered with KUSA. We register our puppies with KUSA and give the buyer a registration certificate. There are no breeding restrictions.

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