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Sample of Pet Club Newsletter 
 Hi Pet Folks!  

Welcome to Pets Club Newsletter. I’d love to hear from you as to any problems you may have with your pets. If we pool our knowledge, we can help each other.




Hillside Haven, Durban, South Africa, started by Dr Taryn Turner, is a home for differently-abled cats and other rescued animals. We provide sanctuary and healthcare for the animals so that they can lead a full and happy life and become loving pets. Hillside Haven relies solely on the goodwill and financial support of its dedicated volunteers and especially from the public. Our sanctuary cares for 83 cats, 7 dogs and various rescued reptiles and birds. Many of our cats are blind, missing limbs or disabled in other ways, but visitors to our sanctuary would be hard-pressed to pick out the differently-abled cats. They get on so well in their protected environment that their disabilities become irrelevant.

Whilst out jogging one morning, a man heard rustling in the garbage that had been put out for collection. When he investigated, he found a packet of newborn kittens with their umbilical cords attached. One of the kittens, Tallulah, ended up staying at the sanctuary. She has lost all of her teeth but it hasn’t made a dent in her appetite at all.
When a lecturer at the Durban University of Technology arrived at work one morning, a security guard ran up to her and said he had been anxiously watching a kitten on the roof of a very high building and was worried that she would fall off. With some very daring moves, the security guard managed to get the hissing, spitting bundle of fur off the roof. It was then that they discovered that one of her legs was missing. The kittens had been living in air vents and it’s likely that the leg was cut off by a fan. We took her to the vet and had the rest of the leg surgically removed so that she didn’t succumb to infection. Lucinda joined the little kitten trio in Taryn's sons’ room and has become part of their gang.
Ged was rescued from a petrol station in the KZN Midlands. His rescuers saved him from a crowd of people who were throwing rocks at him! He has radial hyperplasia which means the bones in one of his front legs are twisted, and he walks on the back of his ‘wrist'.
Andriel was about one year old when he was rescued from a feral colony where we presume he had been dumped. One of our volunteers, who feeds over 200 cats in and around Durban every day, noticed the new arrival was dragging one hind leg. She set a trap for him and he was so starving, he just dragged himself into it. The vet's diagnosis was that his hind leg had been hacked with a panga (a large garden knife) - the previous strike marks of the weapon were clearly visible. The injured hind leg was amputated but this wasn't Andriel's only woe. He was skeletal and was covered with ringworm and mange. Today, it is hard to recognise Andriel as the same woeful, hairless, hideously injured little skeleton who arrived at the sanctuary one year ago. He still avoids people like the plague (and who can blame him?) but will allow Taryn to approach if she minds her manners (and has food in her hands!)

To visit the residents of Hillside Haven, contact us at 084 455 5529  *** 
Editor’s note: Disabled pets can give as much love & devotion as any pet. Let’s give them a chance! It’s the same with humans. Let’s consider employing a disabled person, or creating little jobs like mending, translation, or computer work. “Blessed is he that considers the poor: the Lord will deliver him in time of trouble.” Psalm 41 



The world is over-populated with dogs & cats, many of whom end up being euthanased. With the high rate of people emigrating, or moving into townhouses, the number of homes suitable for pets is shrinking. We can help prevent the situation becoming worse by spaying/neutering our pets. This is usually done at the age of 6 months, but your vet will advise. When a female is spayed, her uterus & ovaries are removed. A male’s testicles are removed. This can make pets sweeter-natured & less likely to fight. Male are less likely to mark their territory by urination. It can help prevent cancer of the reproductive system. 



Just last night I have had to take my dog Yster to my Vet who had to end the life of this beautiful Boerboel. I will call Yster my ‘’son”  He was never selfish with his life to protect us, nor was he disobedient in any way until cancer stepped in and deformed his face in such a way that people gasped when they saw him. Weighing over 80 kg, he truly was magnificent. I used to ride around with him on the back of my “bakkie” every where I went.  I was fortunate to hold him when the Vet injected him. At first I thought that I did not want to be there when he died, but then I knew what he would have done if it were me, so I stayed with him until it was all over.  
As our Vet is also my personal friend, he allowed me to be with him alone in the room for as long as I wanted to be. So I had a few last minutes with him; alone. It was so sad for me to see him lie there, such a magnificent animal, my son, and now he is gone. I will forever have an empty space in my breast and even now as I write this, I breathe uncomfortably.  
I prayed with him before I went into the consulting rooms and also when he and I were alone. I believe in God the almighty, and I believe that we will, one day; be together again when I will see him in all his strength and youth as I knew him for eight years.  
I know that all his suffering is over now and that he is resting in a place that God has prepared for us when we will all be united in a world that has no cancers where we will all be happy and be able to love one another.  
I thank God for Yster… thank you God for lending Yster to to our family for all this time. I have had to give him back to You now. Please look after him for me until we meet again…  Thank you for reading this.  
Douw de Beer, Father of Yster.  

If there was any incident in your pet’s life that you thank God for, send email!

Till next time 

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