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Cats - The Oriental  


If you are looking to be owned by a cat, this is the one! 

Sleek and slinky with a glossy smooth coat and long, elegant body, large almond shaped eyes and an intelligent head with long ears, this breed is decidedly `Boss’ material. The cat will be your boss!  

Breeder of Oriental Cats

Enid Ashley  Ph 031 465 2625  e-mail enid@ashways.co.za Webpage: Ashways

Orientals are playful, mischievous extroverts who love to be involved in everything their `owner’ does, from eating breakfast to sharing the bed. 

They will often select one person as their own `particular charge’ and, once owned by an Oriental, there’s no turning back.  Orientals make amusing companions and are always on the look out for a game, often making up their own with hilarious antics.   They are agile climbers and, if no tree is handy, the curtains will do!

This is a breed for someone who appreciates a playful, lively, vocal pet that will return their love and devotion ten times over.

About the 1950's, USA and UK breeders investigated possibilities of creating a Siamese type cat without the `points’.  They mated the Siamese with a variety of different breeds and the results were amazing. 

The breed has an estimated 300 potential coat colours and patterns.  They also have stunning eye colours, ranging from clear blue to green and often one blue and one green eye.

The kittens were so popular that the new breed, which they named `Oriental’, spread to many parts of the world, including South Africa.

Although the Oriental needs very little grooming, they do insist on regular stroking and petting! 

Because the breed is active and playful, some sort of feline gym is needed, if you would like to preserve your furniture and curtains. 

Orientals enjoy warmth and comfort (what cat doesn’t?) and would greatly appreciate a fluffy cat bed in winter, set in a nice warm spot. Check the cat on the right below, sitting on a blanket by the heater!

oriental cat with long tail

Oriental cat with big ears

These oriental kittens were bred by Nicole & Clifford Barratt, Kioko Cattery, South Africa – Above pictures copyright Kioko Cattery


Angel Heart, Oriental Havana Queen Cinderbella, a black Oriental kitten
Brown Oriental cat with pointed face & ears Black Oriental kitten with huge fly-away ears

Oriental cats belonging to MyEden's Cattery, South Africa


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Cats love to be warm! The hotter the better! Comparing this to our love of Christ, are we hot, cold, or lukewarm? Lukewarm people make Christ sick! 

Revelation 3, v 12


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