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 Dogs - Brazilian Pampiano


The Brazilian Pampiano was bred to herd cattle on the Pampas (prairies/grasslands) of Brazil, South America.


It is a medium sized dog. They can be aggressive.


Brazilian pampiano, cream coloured with brown eyes & nose

Veadeiro Pampiano

This Brazilian pampiano was brought to South Africa from Brazil by it's owners.

Vast areas of South America are grassland. God has decreed the climate, & thought it all out, sending enough rain. "I will provide grass in the fields for your cattle," says God in Deuteronomy 11, 15.  We humans assume that there will always be rain - always be grass - always be meat in the supermarkets. But climate is changing world wide. "but be careful that you don't turn away from me, or I'll be angry & stop the rain," warns God.

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