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 Below is a copy of "Pets Place Newsletter." Adverts have been removed.

Pet Club Newsletter Aug 2013


Hi Pet Folks! 


If your dog is scratching, it could have mites. A white mite called cheyletiella, which looks like walking dandruff, causes itchiness. It can also make the owners itch and come out with small red itchy areas. Dipping the dog will get rid of it. Conditions that can be passed from pet to human are called, “zoonotic.” There are a whole lot of things we can get from pets. Read the list here:  zoonotic



1 cup dish washing liquid

1 cup vinegar

4 cups warm water

Massage into the coat, and let sit for 5 minutes. If there are fleas on the dog, there will be fleas, & eggs where the dog sleeps. This mixture can be used to clean kennels and floors.



Both prescribed, and over-the-counter human medicine can be harmful to pets, and should be kept out of reach. Some dogs, especially puppies, think plastic 7-day pill containers are toys. Sleeping tablets and birth control pills that are kept by the bedside, should be in a closed drawer. Even children’s meds, or meds prescribed for another pet, can be harmful. If you carry pills in your handbag, or travel bag, keep it out of reach. Remember that cats can climb, and may still reach those harmful meds, so keep them in a tin.



1 cup broken bread or crusts, 1 egg, Half cup milk

Mix egg and milk in a heat-proof dish. Add broken bread and mix. Add more milk if there is not enough to soak the bread. Leave a few minutes until bread absorbs the wet mixture. Cook in microwave for 2 minutes or until set. Allow to cool and keep in fridge. Give one spoonful to the dog as a treat on top of his normal food.



Animal charities, or any charity, always need help from volunteers. Maybe you don’t have time or transport to go regularly, but you can offer to help with their social media marketing, and updating their website. This can be done from home. Many charities have websites that are so out of date, it puts folk off. Charities do not have time to devote to digital work because of the practical, hands on welfare work. The same applies to churches and most NPO’s. Don’t know of any welfare organizations? SA Pet Pages is a free booklet that you’ll find at your vet. It has a list of welfare organizations. Why not take a look at their websites & offer your services?

 What charity would YOU like to tell folk about?



 The police busted a dog-fighting den in Knysna. They found a pit-bull badly injured.

 Hear our humble prayer, O God,
        for our friends the animals,
        especially for animals who are suffering;
       for animals that are overworked,
       underfed and cruelly treated…

        This prayer is attributed to Albert Schweitzer, but he may have been quoting it. It's a good thing to pray for our pets, and human children, as it helps us to focus on God’s will.

Jesus said, “Allow little children to come to me, because of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.” Today, let’s be like children, with innocent, child-like faith, free from cunning and deceit, for this pleases our Father


Do you have a pet story? If there was any incident in your pet’s life that you thank God for, let me know!

Till next time





  Send your story or question to Eileen



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