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Advice about photos


If taking pics with a digital camera, set camera to lowest number of pixels, or email (basic) quality. Low resolution downloads faster than high quality. Folk get tired of waiting for pics to download if they are Mbs (MEGA bytes)

If you'd like to send pics by email, send 1 pic attached to 1 email. Say in the email the name of dog (registered name & call name is good) or the name of the product, and any caption.


Send the next pic attached to a 2nd email. Too many pics attached to one email take too long to download.


Collages are not recommended, as they are usually large files and if made smaller, quality is lost.


Trimming off the background can make pics look better, & download faster.


If you'd like to advertise on Petsplace, or to have your own website, send me an email!

You are welcome to phone me 0842839746, 046 636 1531 but I don't process ads by SMS - only email.




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