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Dogs - Pitbull

Pitbulls were bred for fighting bulls and a sport developed where a pit was dug, like a boxing ring. Pitbulls were thrown in the pit to fight each other. Bets were taken on the outcome of the fight. Dog fighting is frowned on nowadays and is seen as cruelty to animals.

It is essential to take a pitbull puppy to a puppy socialising class. Puppies need to learn discipline and to mix with other dogs.

These dogs need to be kept securely in their yard. Aggressive pitbulls have been known to run out and attack passers-by. Not all of them are aggressive, but another reason for having a strong fence and locked gate, is that fighting breeds are often stolen and used for fighting.

How breeds of dogs developed.

I'm sorry, I don't know any breeders, and I don't know where you'll find a puppy.


pit bull



Pitbull fighting reminds me of the ancient sport of throwing folk into a lion pit to see if the lions will maul them to death. Bible records tell of Daniel being thrown to the lions. But because he honoured God with daily prayer and high principles, God sent angels to stop the lions' mouths, and Daniel escaped unscathed. Daniel praised God!

Daniel chapter 6

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