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  Dogs - Pomeranian (Toy Pom)


Pomeranian puppies are for sale from these breeders in South Africa. Puppies are KUSA registered, inoculated, dewormed, microchipped. Delivery can be arranged.


Pomeranian breeders (Toy Pom)

Miniature Toy-Pom puppies (Pomeranian) for sale. The puppies are ready for their his new homes. They are dewormed, inoculated and a micro chip has been inserted by our vet. They will be registered with KUSA. No breeding restrictions. Prices males R3500 and the female R4500. Contact Dalenč Herholdt-du preez on 073 216 7180 phone or whatsapp or email Dalene at dalene.hdp@gmail.com   for more photo's.  Posted 11.01.17

Pretoria.  KUSA registered Pomeranian puppies available 12 weeks old, 1 black and tan boy and 1 black and tan girl. Up to date on all worming and vaccinations. Microchip. Viewing of pups and parents by appointment. Contract, breeders restrictions- registration cert. will be posted. Contact Shaun Stoltz, email: velvetblukennels@gmail.com, cell 0712016516. Webpage: Velvetblu.  Posted 08.01.17
Miniature Toy-Pom puppies (Pomeranian) for sale. Three males and one female available. The puppies  will be ready for their his new homes from 5 January 2017 . They are dewormed, inoculated and micro chipped. They will be registered with KUSA. No breeding restrictions. Prices  males R5500 and the female R6500 . Contact Dalenč on 073 216 7180  phone or whatsapp or email Kobie Herholdt-du Preez kobie.hdp@gmail.com for more photo's.  Pictured:  bottom right is the girl.  Posted 31.12.16


More breeders

Tracie Austen, 0713833259, e-mail: traciemm@gmail.com, webpage: TraceStar 

Charlene Booysen, email pomelenepoms@gmail.com Ph (012)3721437, cell 082 785 0894 webpage: Pomelene

Corrie Brown and Erica van der Linde 0164291486  0824623106 email: browdeen@gmail.com, webpage Browdeen

Adele van Breda  083 381 808  email: meynadel@gmail.com, Webpage Meyn-adele

Shaun Stoltz 0712016516 or 0725416365 Email: velvetblukennels@gmail.com, Webpage: Velvetblu

Marie Goudriaan 018 581 2888, 0826206203, Fax No : (+27)185812888, e-mail: manicgou@iafrica.com, Website: www.lauettepoms.co.za


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Testimonial: "We definately want to be on your website. Thanks and may God bless you for the good work you do. Your site is tops!" 
Erica and Corrie, Browdeen Pomeranians


About Pomeranians

The Pomeranian originated in the snowy wastes of the Arctic Circle, where its thick luxuriant coat kept it warm. From there the history can be traced to Pomerania in Germany and from there to England. Pomeranians are now popular all over the world. English Pomeranian breeders favoured a small dog and developed the dainty dog that we know today.

Development of breeds of dogs.

Pomeranians make good house pets and need only a small yard. They make good watch dogs. 

Daily brushing helps to keep the Pomeranian looking good. They make a good lady's dog. When the coat is fluffed up they look like a powder puff. They are often called "Toy Poms," or "toypoms," as a nickname. Their correct name is "Pomeranian." 

Children should be supervised when playing with Pomeranian puppies, as they are small and vulnerable. Puppies need peace to sleep during the day, and should be left alone at meal-times.

Pomeranians are classified in the Toy Group. They come in a variety of colours. 

Weight: males - 1.8 - 2kg, females - 2.5 - 3.5 kg.
The Bible says, "It's a good man that cares for the needs of animals."

The Bible: Proverbs chapter 12, 10


A black toypom puppy

Photo of black toy pom puppy supplied by Yunest Pomeranians



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