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 Puppies, puppies, puppies!


Dogs for sale in South Africa. Page down and click the links below to read the ads!

Staffordshire bull terrier  posted 23.03.19

Golden retriever   Posted 20.03.19

French bulldog  Posted 20.03.19

Miniature schnauzer   Posted 20.03.19

Rottweiler   Posted 19.03.19

Toy Pom - (Pomeranian)   Posted 18.03.19

Labrador   Posted 17.03.19  

Pug   Posted 15.03.19

Wirehaired dachshund  Posted 13.03.19

German Shepherd Dog  Posted 08.03.19

Siberian Husky  Posted 07.03.19

English Bulldog   Posted 04.03.19

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel   Posted 21.02.19


Below: More puppies!


Australian Cattle Dog

Australian terrier  

Basset Hound  


Bearded collie

Belgian shepherd, Malinois

Black Russian terrier


Boerwindhond (boer greyhound) 

Border Collie

Border Terrier 

Boston Terrier


Bull terrier   



Chihuahua  (pron cheewawa) 

Cocker spaniel  




Fox terrier, smooth

Fox terrier, wire haired  

French poodle

German short haired pointer 

Hungarian puli

Hungarian vizsla 

Irish setter 

Irish terrier 

Irish Wolfhound

Italian Greyhound

Jack Russell

Kerry blue

King Charles Spaniel

Lhasa apso  


Miniature poodle



Pharaoh hound


Pomeranian (toy pom)


Red setter

Rhodesian Ridgeback  

Russian black terrier

Scottish Terrier 

Smooth fox terrier


Springer spaniel



West Highland White Terrier  

Yorkshire Terrier  (Yorkie)


Registered puppies. We don't legally own a dog until the registration certificate is in our own name. Be sure to get the papers from the breeder! Dogs actually belong to God of course, we just look after them! God says, "Every animal is mine...I know every bird and the creatures of the field."

 Psalm 50, 10 & 11 


If you have registered puppies for sale, advertise here! Folk are looking HERE for pets!


Last puppy is sold, thanks to your excellent website. I have sold once again all my pups from the web. Thank you!

Daniel  (shar-pei owner)  

When we breed dogs, we need to realise that many of the folk who buy puppies are going to breed with them. So, one dog that you sell, may produce 100 more! It is amazing how God has set the reproductive chain going. It is His will that each species should survive. He said in His Word,  "I am God Almighty, be fruitful and increase in number. A nation will come from  your body." Genesis 35, 11. But since we are keeping dogs in captivity, protected from predators & illness, dogs are being over-bred, and there are not enough life-long homes for them, with all the folk emigrating, divorcing, or moving into smaller homes.

Warning about ads for puppies & dogs for sale, or free puppies.

When answering ads for dogs for sale in South Africa, always get the full name and address of the breeder selling the dogs. Buy direct from a dog breeder, in case there is some fault with the puppy. The folk who advertise puppies on this site are breeders who live in South Africa. They are  not agents or pet shops.

Be suspicious of ads in newspapers & classifieds that say the puppies are free. Ask yourself, "Why would anyone give away pedigreed puppies for free when they could sell them?"

Folk who advertise free puppies often move to Cameroon, near Nigeria, just before you get the puppy. Then you must pay transport costs & vet fees. But they never send a pup. Beware of scams! See scams

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