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How to Breed Puppies


Inoculating & Deworming Puppies


 The day after the vet has dewormed the puppies, you may see dead worms in the puppies' stool. Clean up the mess as often as you can and keep the environment hygienic. After two weeks, they may need dewormed again. Pups are born with worms, which are passed on to them by the mother.  If not treated, the worms can block the intestine, causing death. The vet will give you a certificate for each puppy showing the date of inoculation. The vetís certificate should be handed to the new owners. Point out to them that the puppy will need a few more inoculations in its first year of life.

  Never sell a puppy that is sick because you think itís on the mend. Keep it until you are absolutely certain the pup is in good health. The loss of a sale is better than breaking a familyís heart by selling them a vulnerable little puppy that may die.

  If you are aware of any defect, you should point it out to prospective buyers. Pups with hereditary defects can pass them on to future offspring, and should not be sold to breeders.

  When people buy the pups, give them some puppy food so that the pup wonít have to deal with a change of brands as well as a change of environment. Any change in food can come later. Be sure to tell the buyers that pups need fed three times a day. Warn them that diarrhea and vomiting are serious in a pup and to look out for it. Another danger is a swimming pool. Many pups have drowned because they were unable to get out the pool.

  Give the new owners a receipt with your contact details so that they can phone you for advice. Write down their contact details too, especially the postal address if you will be posting the pupís papers. Write down whether they bought a boy or a girl so that you will know which registration certificate to post to them. Itís a good idea to keep a note of the pupís registered name, date of birth, and the names of the pupís parents in case years later the buyers come back to you and want information.

Before prospective buyers come, do explain to your children that the puppies are only with you for a short time, as children become emotionally attached to puppies.

After the last pup has gone, the mother will be feeling lonesome and sad, so take her for a walk to take her mind off it, and give her a special dinner. Say to her, ďThank you, my good dog, for giving me such beautiful puppies, and thank you God for creating new life.     


"Praise the name of the Lord, for He commanded and they were created. Let everything that has breath praise the Lord!"   Psalms 148, 5, & 150, 6

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