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How to breed puppies


Preparing dogs for marriage begins in puppy-hood.  To ensure your dog will be big and strong enough for parenthood, start off by giving her the right nutrition from the start.  The skeleton will need to be strong to support all the extra weight. Your vet is the best person to advise you about what to feed for optimal health.

Deworming is very important. A bitch can pick up worm eggs from the ground where other dogs have been. The worms pass from the mother, through the placenta, to the puppies.  The puppies are then born infested with worms.

All dogs should be dewormed regularly. Itís just a case of mixing worm medicine with the dogís food. A bitch should be dewormed before being mated, ten days before the birth, and again ten days after the birth. The dosage depends on the dogís weight. Vets advise breeders to deworm all puppies. This can be done from two weeks old. Many breeders deworm their puppies every two weeks, but ask your vet, as worm products vary in effectiveness.


When planning where the wedding will take place, make sure the yard is securely fenced so that no unwelcome suitors may call. A private place is best, where they will not upset other pets or neighbours.  Other pets may find the behaviour stressful. They may feel jealous and left out of things.  Remember to tell them you love them!

Do consider the neighbours, who may not be as excited as you are at the continual barking of an aroused male. Some people book the honeymoon couple into a boarding kennel until the heat is over.




A female may come in season and be ready to mate any time after six months of age. Top breeders say that it is inadvisable to breed with dogs under the age of one year, as the dog is immature physically and emotionally.  She hasnít had a long enough puppy-hood herself. They would advise skipping the first season if she is under one year old.  Larger breeds take longer to mature; their first season may only occur between 18 and 24 months of age.

A male usually takes longer to mature than a femaleóup to two years.

A female will come into season, or ďon heat,Ē as it is called, twice a year.  If we want to prevent pregnancies, we either need to have her spayed, or book her into a boarding kennel if there is any chance of a male dog getting hold of her. Itís not fair to keep an in-season bitch within smelling distance of a male. He can injure himself trying to get at her. He will suffer psychologically, and the barking will annoy neighbours. Find a boarding kennel.

Mating is a natural thing - God built the instinct into His creatures. Dogs and their ancestors have been mating since the beginning of time. Even plants have a way of mating through pollination. "While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease." Genesis 8, 22

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