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Write down the dates of mating (being tied) so that you will know when to expect the pups and can be available to help your dog. You can expect the pups 63 days after the first tie, though, as with human beings, they may come a day or two early or late. Put your leave application in at work so that you can be by her side when the big day arrives! Here is a handy chart that tells you when the pups are due.

Another reason for writing down the day of mating is that it is necessary in order to register the puppies. You must certify that you witnessed the dogs mating on a certain date. 

Sometimes dogs mate and tie, but it’s a “miss” - no pregnancy occurs. We just have to be patient and try again next season.

You will know when the mating season is over, as the male will loose interest. He can tell by the smell of the female’s hormones, that she is no longer available for mating.




We want to know straight away if our dog is pregnant! Some breeds show straight away—their rear teats suddenly enlarge and dangle– but most dogs keep us in suspense. We should give her the benefit of the doubt, and feed her extra protein.  Egg yolk, raw or cooked is a good source of protein.  Strenuous exercise should be avoided during pregnancy. Gentle walks are fine.

At about 21 days when the bones are well formed, a vet may be able to feel the pups.  Some vets will do sonar scans, though this is not necessary. You'll know soon enough!  It’s not until the last twenty days that it becomes apparent that the dog is definitely pregnant: her stomach bulges and her appetite is insatiable. Treat her like a queen!

Sometimes after a mating, a dog goes through a false, or “phantom” pregnancy.  She has all the signs of being pregnant—increased appetite, swollen abdomen and teats—yet no birth takes place.  This is disappointing for the owners, but one can always try again six months later.

 As the dog's bulges grow, so our hopes mount! Is she, or isn't she pregnant? Oh, the sweet joy that hope brings! "

Acts 2:28 "You, O God, have made known to me the ways of life; You shall make me full of joy!"


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