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Dogs - Pyrenean sheepdog

Pyrenean sheepdogs originated in France. The name Pyrenean derives from the Pyrenees mountains which form the border between France & Spain. This breed is not to be confused with the Pyrenean mountain dog, which is a much larger breed.

Pyrenean sheepdogs were used to herd sheep. 

These energetic dogs need lots of exercise.

The coat is long and has a thick undercoat. 

There is a variety of colours - fawn, grey, or merle & black.

How breeds of dogs developed.

Height at shoulder: 38 - 48 cms.

Group: herding

Pyrenean sheepdog with shaggy coat

Pyrenean sheepdog, wind ruffling coat

Eldric de la Vallee du Mouton. The French name means Eldric of the valley of sheep. This Pyrenean sheep dog belongs to June Fincham of South Africa

At the time of writing, 2008, there are only 6 Pyrenean sheepdogs in South Africa, so puppies are seldom available.

The French name of this 15 month old dog is, Chamade Dite Chablis Du Pic. He was imported from France by owner Eugene Fincham, South Africa. The wind is ruffling his long coat!


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To save fencing costs, a farmer may run both sheep and goats on the same pasture. To a townie like myself, sheep and goats look alike. A shepherd with a good sheepdog can separate the sheep from the goats, and round them up. So will it be at the end, with people. Christ, the good shepherd, will separate the sheep - His followers - from the goats. There will be no mercy for those who rejected Christ's voice.

Matthew chapter 25, verse 32


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