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Dogs - Pyrenean Mountain Dog (Great Pyrenees)

The Pyrenean Mountain dog is thought to originate in France. The Pyrenees mountain range form the border between France and Spain. The thick coat protected the dog from the harsh, snowy winters. The dogs were bred on farms and helped the farmers to herd the livestock to and from the pastures. In winter, the herds & flocks were brought down to the valleys for shelter and so they could be given food.

How breeds of dogs developed.

Temperament: The Pyrenean Mountain Dog, or Great Pyrenees as they are called in USA, is gentle natured and placid.

Weight: 45 - 60 kgs

Height at shoulder: 65 - 81 cms

Class: working

Pyrenean mountain dog lying down, showing massive body Great Pyrenees, or Pyrenean mountain dog, bushy white tail Pyrenean mountain dog looking around The black nose of a Pyrenean mountain dog stands out amongst the mass of white fur
Basqua Brigandora Agilmente belongs to Ronel van Huyssteen, South Africa


Some folk buy dogs with the same temperament as themselves. Others buy dogs that complement what's lacking in their temperament. Opposites attract! Gentleness is a temperament trait we should all try to nurture. If we become Christians, we are given gentleness as a gift. Galatians chapter 5 verse 23

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