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 Breeder of Dobermanns



Tina Le Roux

083 660 8451

email dobi.raconti@gmail.com

5 Dobermanns sitting waiting for a treat

Above: Myself (Tina,) with Bella, Laicka, Ebony, Odessa, and Kahleb Kaban.
They are absolutely awesome dogs with beautiful temperament and so obedient...waiting for a treat.


We are Dobermann breeders in Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa. I am Tina Le Roux and have been breeding Dobermanns for the past 15 years, but have had them as pets for the last 40 years, and have come to love them for the wonderful dogs they are.  

My dogs are my pets and companions. They are exercised regularly and are handled by myself daily so that I know all their good points as well as their bad ones, so I can tell what kind of temperament the dog has, and can help you choose for specific requirements you may have, either watchdog or pet for children or companion for older citizens.  

The father of my male dog is imported from Russia and although he is black his mom was a liver color so he occasionally has liver colored pups. One of his pups from the last litter won first prize at the dog show on seven months old. 

The females are have excellent qualities, and the younger females mom has won several prizes at dog shows. 

I have exported pups to Botswana, Namibia, Swaziland, and Mozambique. I am prepared to assist you should you want to import a pup from South Africa. The parents' inoculations are always up to date so I don't have problems with export permits (this will be for the cost of the buyer.) If you need an import permit, as is necessary for Mozambique and Namibia, you are required to arrange it yourself. 


Our dogs


A sleek, alert Dobermann

Leoria Kaleb Kaban


Dobermann on guard duty

Raconti Odessa


A young Dobermann with ears erect

Dharkha Betelges at 6 months old

Imported from Serbia


young dobermann sitting down

Cleo Betelges at 6 months old

Imported from Serbia.


Winni Betelges at 18 months old.

Imported from Serbia.


The legal stuff

The name, "Raconti" is registered with KUSA. We microchip our puppies and register them with KUSA. We give the buyer a registration certificate. Breeding restrictions will apply  unless otherwise arranged with the breeder.

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