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Playground for the dogs

There is a playground for romping on the grass for exercise and to relieve themselves. Some dogs like to eat grass. Grass acts as roughage which helps to clean out their digestive tract.  The soil is soft and sandy for their digging pleasure. If there happens to be two dogs that are compatible, they can play together. Aggressive dogs take turns.

They enjoy the freedom of a large playground where they can run, chase a ball, and horse around.

Come play with me! Big dogs can be catered for Some dogs love water Morning jog  
Doggy play group Dogs can run and get exercise 2 yellow labradors playing ball    


We worry about our dogs getting enough exercise - but are we ourselves getting enough? Or are we lazy? Running, or even just walking with a dog is a good way to get exercise. And lets not forget to exercise our minds and spirits too! Let's resolve to read a book this month, and to read the Bible for 5 minutes a day. (You can do anything for 5 minutes!) Start today!


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