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Eileen with appreciative customers

Lots of caressing!


Pets' Place is at Salem, halfway between Grahamstown and Kenton-on-sea in the pretty Assegai Valley, Eastern Cape, South Africa. (on the R343)


Eileen Gibb  



I can't always answer calls immediately, as I'm usually outside with the pets. I often literally have my hands full carrying pets, or dog dishes, so if there's no answer, send sms, or email. I'll get back to you as soon as possible.



We take dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, and any pet that you need looked after. 

Most of the guests come from Kenton-on-sea and Grahamstown, but we also serve Port Alfred, Bokness, Canon Rocks, Bushmans River Mouth, Bedford, and surroundings.     

Boarding kennel tariffs



R65 per dog per day.


BASIC - R65 per cat per day.

Dogs will be given the biggest run available, depending on bookings. The bigger, eco-greener kennels, with own garden, allows more freedom. Book early to get a big run, or take pot luck when you come.


Bigger garden R75 per cat per day


Sleep in Aunty’s house R90 per pet. Pets must be well-behaved, and house trained. Not suitable for incontinent pets, or chewers.


Indoor bedroom with sunny window for cats.  R90 per cat, per day. 


Birds, parrots, R25 per cage, per day. Bring your own cage & food.

Rabbits R25 per rabbit per day. Pl bring food.

Pl enquire about price for other pets.



We open at 8.00 am Mon to Sat. The best time to bring your pet is in the morning, so we can become friends before the hustle and bustle of the afternoon rounds begins. You are welcome to enquire about coming earlier on a week day.

Sunday hours are strictly 3 - 4 pm only. The phone is not answered on Sundays, as it's Aunty's day off, and no-one else has access to the phone. Should a pet be unwell, the owner will be contacted. Otherwise, no news is good news.


I live on the premises, and folk often ask me, "How do you sleep with all the dogsA brown buck (deer) outside the boarding kennels barking?"

Well, as soon as the cars leave, the dogs settle down and peace returns. Little buck venture out of hiding and resume grazing on the hills around. Salem means peace, as in Jeru-salem.  Psalm 76 says, "God lives in Salem. God is resplendent with light, more majestic than mountains rich with game." 

The animals and I can see God The Creator in the natural splendour around us.

Sunday hours 3 - 4 pm only

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