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Dogs - Schnauzer


Schnauzers (pronounced sh-now-zer) originated in Germany where they were bred to help on farms with rounding up sheep and other livestock. They also helped to keep the rat population down. Today they come in three sizes: standard, which is the original schnauzer, miniature, and giant. The most common size in South Africa is the mini schnauzer.

There were dogs in Germany BEFORE the schnauzer became a breed of course! See origins of dogs to read how breeds develop.



Little miniature schnauzer in the garden. Salt & pepper Standard schnauzer imaculately groomed Big black giant schauzer show dog with beard & eyebrows
Miniature schnauzer Height at shoulder: males 36 cms, females 33 cms. Class: Utility  Standard schnauzer - Height at shoulder: males 48 cms, females 46 cms.  Giant schnauzer. Height: males 65 - 70 cms at shoulder, females 60 -65 cms. 

Some folk are too soft with their dogs and let them do what they please. But dogs like to be told what to do. When there are limits on their behaviour, and boundaries on their territory, the dogs are secure, knowing that we love them enough to teach them.  It's the same with kids. They need to be taught what's right & wrong. Jesus said, "If you hold to my teaching, you are really my followers. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." John 8, 31,31. (Most folk want to be free, but don't like the "if" bit LOL!)


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