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Scotties (Scottish Terriers) make loyal family pets. They do not need a large garden but will keep fit by running round in circles at top speed. They enjoy being taken for walks. They can be a little rebellious when called. They first like to play a bit before they will come to you, but will adapt with training. They can be shy of strangers.

Most Scotty breeders are in Gauteng, but there are some in other provinces. Delivery of puppies can be arranged.

 Scotty Puppies for sale


An armful of three black Scottie puppies

Home raised Scottish Terrier male and female brindle pups born 28 July 2019. They are Kusa registered, micro chip implanted and vaccinated by a registered Vet. No breeding restrictions. Mother is Wheaten and dad is Black. R6000.00 neg. Situated Newcastle KZN. Contact Daniella Robb 0823752191.  Posted 27.09.19

More Scottish terriers for sale

Prizewinning Scottish terrier gets a rosette.


Two beautiful Scottish Terrier male puppy's still available. One Wheaten and one Brindle. They are ready to go their new loving and caring owners. No breeding restrictions or contract. Both parents are multiple awarded show dogs. All puppies will be registered with KUSA, microchip implanted, inoculated and dewormed. Located in Brackenfell, Western Cape. Viewings are possible and puppies can be shipped to major South African airports at the new owner's cost. Please contact Pauline Botha 0849836273 Email paulinebotha7@gmail.com    Posted 21.09.19


More Scottish terrier breeders


Mari du Plessis, Cell 0824562974, Email    duplessismm.21@outlook.com    Website: www.waaiplaas.co.za

Moira Cronje 0843588964 email    moira.cronje1@gmail.com    Website:    www.moicronkennels.co.za

Lulu du Plessis, 014-763 6786, 064 679 3531. email:    duplessislulu@gmail.com. website:    www.macdupkennels.co.za



Iíve sold 4 of the 5 puppies through Petsplace. Thanks so much!


Hi Eileen,  I have had excellent response to the small advert on Petsplace for my Scotty pups.  I had thirteen puppies and the advert sold ten of them.  Thank you !

Linda Coetzee

Your Scottish terrier puppies could go here!    Ask Eileen

About Scottish Terriers

Scottish Terriers are small dogs but are unafraid of starting a fight with dogs three times their size.

Scottish Terriers (Scotties for short) originate in the northern part of Great Britain. Scotland was an independent country originally with it's own King and Queen until a royal marriage united Scotland with England. Much of the Scottish countryside - though beautiful - is mountainous and  wild. The hardy Scottish dogs were capable of digging rabbits, rats and foxes out of burrows amongst the rocks and under thorn bushes where bigger dogs would be unable to go. 

The word terrier comes from the Latin "terra" or earth. They like to dig in the earth! Sometimes they would go so deep into burrows that the hunter had to pull them out by their tail. Their shaggy coats kept them warm in the snowy winters. Nowadays it's fashionable to hand strip, or clip the Scottish Terrier's coat short on the back leaving a beard and shaggy eyebrows. The eyebrows help to keep the soil out of the eyes when digging. Some Scottie owners like to leave  a "kilt" (skirt) of long untrimmed hair hanging down at the sides of their body, but this can be impractical as it catches on thorns and gets dirty.  Many people prefer to cut the hair short.

The original colour was wheaten, but the most common colour now is black.

Scottish terriers have short legs, but often display great speed by running round in circles or figures of eight!

How breeds developed: the early history of dogs.

Height at shoulder 25 to 28 cms.

Class: terrier

Colour:  Black, wheaten (a reddish gold), or brindle. NOT white! If you are looking for a white Scottish terrier, it's probably a   west highland white terrier    a similar, but different breed. 



Scottish terrier trimmed to define eyebrows, beard & neck

Gelitaru Shooting Star of Woefkardoes, aka Mac Duff, a brindle Scottie, belonging to M. Booysen, South Africa.


Scottish Terriers are brave dogs! They were bred to unearth, lay hold of, and kill small wild animals. They will stand up to animals far bigger than themselves, and will probably be the ones to start the fight! Let's be bold like Scotties and fight for that one thing that is worth fighting for:  

"Fight the good fight of faith! Lay hold of eternal life!" 

 1 Timothy chapter 6,  12.


 Black Scottish terrier puppy

A black Scottish terrier puppy


Black Scotty & white Westie

Left: the black dog is a Scotty; the white dog is an elderly    West highland white terrier.



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