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Dogs - Shar-Pei

Sharpei Puppies have lots of loose skin and wrinkles, and have often been photographed for greetings cards.  As the dogs mature, the skin smoothes out and they have fewer wrinkles except on the head, which gives the dog a worried look. The wrinkles should be cleaned out regularly to prevent skin trouble.

The plural of sharpei is sharpei - not sharpeis.


Litter of shar pei puppies each a different colour - black, blue, cream & brown 3 shar pei puppies, 2 brown & 1 black

The Shar-pei originated in China 2000 years ago. In the 1970's the Chinese dogs were exported to USA and the breed soon became popular worldwide.

History of dogs and development of breeds. 

Shar-pei's have big heads with small ears. The tongue is blue-black. The coat type most common in South Africa, is short and hard. The longer, softer, "bear" coat is acceptable in USA.

A Sharpei makes a good watch dog, being very wary of strangers, but loyal and protective to his family. They can be aggressive towards people they don't know, so do try to socialise your puppy and get him used to people while small.

Colour: any shade of fawn, or black, or red, or blue.

Height: 46 - 51 cm at shoulder

Class: utility

Sharpei puppies are often used on greetings cards because they're so cute!

Sharpei puppy with chew

shar pei with  wrinkles

Blue shar pei against ornate red  curtain Blu Majik, a blue Shar Pei owned by M. Brown, South Africa.
Sharpei puppy with adult sharpei Fuglee (adult) owned by M. Brown, and Shar-pei puppy. Adult dogs are not as wrinkled as the puppies!




Isn't it strange that we think dogs with wrinkles are cute, yet our own wrinkles are something to be ashamed of? Why do we dread growing old? God has promised that He will look after us even when our hair is white! Isaiah chapter 46, 4, says, "Even to old age - even when your hair is white - I, God your father, will carry you, for I made you and will deliver you!"

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