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Glenda Davidson

TEL: 083 764 7950

EMAIL: glenlee99@hotmail.com


Glenda, kneeling, with a Rottweiler


 “Why breed dogs and especially Large, Powerful dogs like Rottweilers?” This was the question I asked my new husband 18 years ago. You see I had always owned a powerful dog and I had, on a very small scale, even used her for breeding but she was not large and that was before I had my children. “Are they not aggressive especially around the children?” I nervously asked.
Well…his reply is one I have used myself ever since: Breeder, Training, Research and TLC.
1. Always buy a dog from a registered breeder. Breeders understand the value of a good start to these precious lives. (Good food, vaccinations and lots of love.)
2. Training is not only important but essential owning large dogs. It need not be for long nor expensive training courses but should be just enough to socialise your pet and teach him/her obedience.
Remember… Dogs are like Lions…they need to learn where they fit into the home hierarchy.
3. Research this breed before you seek to own one. They get large, need space etc. Find out for yourself, from many Rottweiler owners, that these “teddy bear” pets are gentle, loving, loyal dogs.
4. Last, but not least, allow your pet to become one of your family with good food, lots of walks and an abundance of TLC.

I took his advice and have never looked back.

Tederlee Rottweilers is my small kennel and I breed for my myself and for others who would love to own one of these gentle loyal “Teddy Bear” dogs. My dogs have excellent temperaments, are well socialised, used to children and are all crate trained. We keep our dogs (and cats) in our house and I breed for family homes.
My dogs are all registered with KUSA and all my puppies will be registered with KUSA with no breeding restrictions. A microchip will be implanted in every puppy and they will have their first inoculation & deworming before leaving our home. I do have a contract which every buyer will need to sign.
I am sure they will enrich the next 10 years of your life in a way you only dreamed of.
Please feel free to contact me, Glenda, for more information and to be put on my waiting list.

Our dogs

Close-up of the black and tan markings on a Rottweiler head

A glossy-coated Rottweiler sitting obediently

A rottweiler puppy yawning

A puppy sticking his tongue out

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