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 Dogs - Tervueren Belgian Shepherd


The Belgian shepherd was bred to herd sheep. Tervueren was originally a place name in Belgium, Europe, but now refers to the coat type. French is one of the languages spoken in Belgium. Chien de Berger Belge means Belgian shepherd dog. The name is also spelled Tervuren.

Sweet black face of Belgian shepherd puppyTervueren Belgian shepherd puppy


Tervueren Belgian Shepherd

Tervueren shepherd with black face & pricked up, alert ears

Belgian Shepherd Tervueren with long bushy tail & long brown coat

Purcati Coco, a Tervueren Belgian shepherd, belongs to G. Goosen, South Africa 

The tervueren Belgian shepherd likes to protect and work with his master. They may not like strangers that come to the house, or other animals. They should be trained and socialised from a young age. They make good watch dogs, guide dogs, and police dogs. Puppies that are destined to be guide dogs, need to be carefully socialised from puppyhood. 

These dogs like wide open spaces and going for walks. They need a lot of input from the owner.

Tervuerens have luxurious coats, with a mane of long hair found the neck, and flowing tails. Regular brushing is recommended.

Colour: brown or grey with black mask and a long coat

Size: medium

Class: herding

If only we could be as devoted to our masters as a Belgian shepherd is to his!  Imagine if the workers obeyed the boss and worked eagerly! The Bible says, "Servants, be obedient to your masters, in singleness of heart, as to Christ." Ephesians 6, 5


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