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Hill’s Township Dog Shows

Hills and the SPCA have had many dog shows. Contact Hills or the nearest SPCA to volunteer.

Sadie, a gorgeous German Shepherd cross owned by a very proud Boy Nxele, won Best on Show at the fourth annual Hill’s Township Dog Show, recently held in Lidgetton, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

Unlike traditional shows where the entrants arrive ready groomed, at the Hill’s Township Dog Show each of the 77 contestants were first given a lead and collar, then had a veterinary check up and were dipped, de-wormed and inoculated before entering the show ring. 

This was the fourth Hill’s Township Dog Show organised by the uMngeni SPCA, as part of their ongoing outreach program

 “We held the show in Lidgetton for the first time this year because we’ve seen the positive difference it has made in the Mpophomeni area. We are trying to reach as many communities as possible,” said uMngeni SPCA’s Adrienne Olivier, the Show Co-ordinator.

“Sadie was in exceptional condition and had a lovely rapport with her owner,” said Olivier. “Her tail was wagging throughout the competition. Boy Nxele said that he’s always owned dogs and they are an important part of his life. This was very evident in his relationship with Sadie.”

 Dr Lee Pachonic, one of the volunteer vets on duty, said she was very impressed with the condition of the participants. “It was a very happy day. Overall the dogs were well natured and healthy, although most weren’t sterilised. With the help of our volunteer interpreters from Michaelhouse School (and some rather embarrassed laughter) we managed to convince several owners to have their pets neutered.”

 Sadie won Hill’s Science Plan food and a wooden kennel.  Every contestant took home a bag of Hill’s Science Plan food, a lead, collar, bowl and blanket.  Pinetown German Shepherd Dog Club gave out Zulu information booklets on dog care, and prizes were sponsored by Animal Talk, Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Howick Cabins, Frontline as well as many other caring organisations and individuals.


Girl with dog on shoulder


2006 Dog Show

Vanessa’s Victory


Vanessa, a mutt from Mpophomeni, wagged her tail with delight when she recently won Best in Show at the third annual Hill’s Township Dog Show in KwaZulu Natal.  Organised by the uMngeni SPCA, this dog show with a difference had over 140 entrants.   


And the winner is... Best in Show:

Vanessa, with owner Thandi Mdladla

Show Co-ordinator, Adrienne Olivier, of uMngeni SPCA, said the judges were impressed by the contestants, the majority of whom had “healthy condition, shiny coats, bright eyes and wagging tails.”

Dogs walking calmly on leads The smile on a child's face when playing with a puppy
140 excited entrants pour into the showring A boy and his puppy


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There were four categories:

Happiest Dog,
Dog in Best Condition,
Best Behaved Dog,
Best Handler and Dog 

Finalists competed for the "Best in Show" prize, which was won by Vanessa. She won Hill’s Science Diet food and a gorgeous wooden kennel. No one went home empty handed though, as every entrant had a thorough veterinary check up and received Hill’s Science Diet food samples, a lead, collar, bowl and blanket. Prizes were sponsored by Hill’s, Howick Cabins, Mica, Frontline and many other caring organisations and individuals. Vanessa’s proud owner Thandi Mdladla, says she got the dog when her son left home, "I picked her out myself from the litter, and paid R10. I let her sleep inside when it gets cold. She is my baby." More than 60 volunteers helped run the show and many more donated blankets and other goods. Olivier says she is “astounded at the response that my appeal for help receives each year. There are a lot of people out there who want to help animals in some way and this event pro vides a vehicle for this.” This is part of the uMngeni SPCA’s ongoing outreach programme. Adrienne hopes this show will inspire others around the country, and is helping start similar events in Johannesburg, Graaff-Reniet, and Cape Town. “Because the show encourages a sense of pride and appreciation of dogs, it helps reduce neglect, ignorance and cruelty, thus improving the lives of disadvantaged animals.”  

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