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  Dogs - Toy Poodle

"Toy" means small breed - not a toy for a child to play with! Kiddies love cute, curly poodle puppies, but puppies must learn to walk and must not be carried around all the time.

The toy poodle is often called a French poodle because ladies in France liked to walk with them. A certain colouring is sometimes called a phantom poodle, but this is not a breed on its own.




Little toy poodle puppies Black, curly poodle puppy
  White toy poodle with puppies



Well-groomed toy poodle, black

toy poodle in show mode

Toy Poodle - Shogun. 

Toy poodles are under 28 cms high at the shoulder.

Class: utility

Small dogs can be good watch dogs as they are very alert, and can be kept in the house. Even though they are too small to attack an intruder, they can bark courageously and frighten him off. God has said if we "Behave courageously, the Lord will be with the good." 2 Chronicles 19, 11


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A "Maltese Poodle" is not a poodle at all! There is a breed called "Maltese" and Maltese dogs have long straight hair.