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Dogs - Hungarian Vizla


Vizlas originated in Hungary, Europe, where they were bred to be hunting dogs. The Vizla is a good-natured, affectionate dog. They are obedient and easy to train. 

The Hungarian Vizla can have a smooth, short coat, or can be wire-haired. The wire-haired dogs are the same shape, size and colour, but have a rougher appearance.

They are also known as vislas.

The early history of dogs and the development of breeds.

The Vizla needs lots of exercise.



Vizla breeders, who may have puppies occasionally

Kotie Janse van Vuuren, Cell : 0824491887  E-mail Address: info@Dantiekennels.co.za, Webpage: Dewanze

Ingrid Schneyder, cell: 082 218 9906 email: ingrid@montessa-gundogs.co.za   Webpage  Montessa


Colour: russet gold.  

Height: males 57 - 64 cm at shoulder, females 20- 30 cm

Weight: 20 - 30 kgs

Class: gundog

vizla head looking up This vizla belongs to Lee Sparg, South Africa

Hungarian viszla, brown, lying downAnca, a viszla belonging to I. Schneyder 


Two dogs fighting A dog that is disobedient may attack! He is a disgrace to his master. An obedient dog is a pleasure to his master! How it must please our Master in heaven when we are obedient!  "All that God has said (in the 10 commandments) we will do, and be obedient!"

The Bible, Exodus chapter 24, 7



These wire haired vislas were brought from UK as pets


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